Pride Month at TLC: 2 new queer shows starting today


The Pride Month takes place online at TLC this time. In addition to drag queens that redesign women, there are also new episodes of teen jazz on their way to being a woman.

Since 2015, TLC has been working with a wide variety of formats and special programming to increase the visibility of the LGBTQ community. The station is also represented in Cologne and Berlin at the annual Christopher Street Day. Since no major events are possible this year, TLC is celebrating Pride Month on TV and digitally. Today, July 6, the series “Dragnificient” (8:15 p.m.) and a new season of “I am Jazz” (9:15 p.m.) start.

Although Jazz Jennings was born as a boy, she has lived as a girl since kindergarten. Her parents have spent years finding suitable doctors and fighting prejudice and discrimination. At the age of 16, jazz can have a gender reassignment surgery that finally makes her a woman. Did she take this step too early?

In “Dragnificient”, a Drag Queen quartet travels all over the country to prepare women for a particularly important day and to give them comprehensive support: from a candidate who wants to build up a new self-confidence after massive weight loss a woman who is afraid of her high school alumni meeting, up to a bride who is plagued by anxiety. Fashion expert Jujubee, make-up & hair specialist Alexis, party queen Thorgy and event planner BeBe turn gray mice and shy wallflowers into radiant power women who not only shine with their good looks, but also with new confidence , Courage and self-love.

On the occasion of the Pride Month, TLC has a gay edition of the show “My Dream in White” in its program. The TV show shows in a mixture of fashion show, wedding and family story the often hard job of the stylists and sales consultants of a bridal shop.

This year there is also a TLC Pride Truck – in the form of an online game on You can drive the truck through the city yourself to collect as many party guests as possible and to celebrate your own online parade for the TLC Pride song. In addition, TLC runs a social media campaign as well as an extra curated CSD playlist on Spotify, there is a TLC Pride Instagram filter, “How to Drag” tutorials, a 7-day Pride Challenge with competition, as well as an extensive one Social media cooperation with Madmoiselle Nicolette – influencer, vlogger and comedienne from the LGBTQ scene.

The TLC Pride campaign as well as all programming and digital assets can be found online at TLC LOVES YOU.

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