Problems detected in the Xiaomi Mi 9T with MIUI 12


The relationship between MIUI 12 and the Xiaomi Mi 9T is anything but quiet. After the Xiaomi community forum complained about the delay of the Xiaomi phone update, at the end of last month the first units of the phone began to receive the new software. Unfortunately, it is not all good news.

In fact, a couple of weeks ago the moderators of the Xiaomi Community warned that the Global, European and Russian versions of the Xiaomi Mi 9T would take a little longer to receive MIUI 12 due to problems with the customization layer claiming that: ¬ęThe MIUI 12 Global update [MI, EU, RU] was partially deployed for the Mi 9T, and currently the update is interrupted, a problem is being verified by the team.

With the resumption of the rollout, the mobile forum in Reddit and the company’s support center again shows that the software is not completely polished as the updated units, not all, have problems again.

Battery problems

For a couple of days, the version of EMUI 12.0.2 has begun to present annoying battery problems to the owners of a MY 9T. According to the affected users, who are several, the problem is in the “Android system”.

xiaomi logo and battery

While in MIUI 11 it barely consumed 10% of power, after the update it easily drains 25% of a full charge. The user who created the thread affirms that sometimes the download of energy is so serious that 10% is lost in 10 minutes and that at this rate it is impossible to keep the smartphone on for more than 2 hours. The solution found is to use Xiaomi’s security tool to optimize the system, restrict the use of apps in the background and disable the digital well-being tools.

Fortunately, who have received the following version of the operating system, MIUI 12 12.0.3 They ensure that the problem, although it does not disappear, it does reduce with the installation of the new software.

Solution to battery problems in Xiaomi mobiles

Camera problems

However, the community forum in Spanish warns that this version has a new problem, although apparently there are not many users complaining (at least in this Hispanic forum). In this case the problem affects, not the battery, but the camera.

I have a my 9T and since I update, the camera has a Bug as if they were lighting with red and blue colors, the headphone also fails, it is connected but if another multimedia element where the microphone occupies, it puts the speaker on me, or it goes flat It changes as if it did not have earphones and it already bothered me, more in games it does it all the time and the icon is as if they were the earphones

Solution to camera problems in Xiaomi mobiles

It is hoped that soon Xiaomi will release a new patch that ends, once and for all, with all the Xiaomi Mi 9T problems with MIUI 12.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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