Problems on Tuenti mobile lines: calls do not work

The Twitter account of Tuenti I published the following message yesterday at 2:54 pm:

“We have a technical impact on the network that affects total coverage or browsing mobile data. Our technical team is working on it and we hope to resolve it as soon as possible. Sorry for bothering you”

At 10:09 this morning they confirmed that they had almost completely solved the problem, although not for 100% of users. The message published on Twitter was as follows:

“We have already recovered the services almost 100%. You should have network coverage and be able to navigate with mobile data, although we still cannot give the technical impact as 100% solved. Restart your mobile to make sure you get on the net correctly. We keep you informed ”

Tuenti will compensate its clients

Tuenti, which had decided to change its commercial policy by completely eliminating fiber and combined tariffs to bet on mobile only, has been the first to change with a problem that has affected the all of its clients. Also, almost 24 hours later, they have failed to restore service for 100% of customers.

In the Tuenti Community, messages have been multiplied informing of the fall of the network. Some users confirm that, at the time of publishing this article, they still have connection problems on their mobiles or directly without coverage. Enter the possible solutions (which may or may not work) we have:

  • Restart the mobile
  • Toggle airplane mode on and off
  • Manually select another operator and then Tuenti

About a possible compensation, Tuenti confirms that it will soon send an email to its customers with all the information in this regard. In the previous Twitter message we see the response to one of his clients, something they have repeated on several occasions.

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