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What was not a concern until now has become a necessity. Today we realize how important it is to maintain good hand hygiene, but also in our devices. For this reason MediaMarkt launches a series of products designed to maintain the bacteria away from our mobile phones, one of the elements with which we interact most throughout the day.

Recent studies have shown that we touch the phone more than 200 times a day and, not only that, but it is one of the devices that we bring closest to our mouths. This is why it is so important clean the smartphone assiduously and protect it from the bacteria that we may be accommodating in it with our hands.

markt half protector

To keep viruses at bay, MediaMarkt Launches a new antibacterial protector that, together with disinfecting towels for mobile devices, will always keep your phone in impeccable hygienic conditions.

Anti bacteria protector

The business offers this new service to its customers with the firm idea of ​​providing the best solutions in the situation we live in. Therefore, taking into account that the smartphone is a great focus for bacteria accumulation, this protector that is housed on the mobile screen protects 99.9% of microorganisms that they can stay in it. And it does so by protecting the display up to 3 times more than the competition’s options without losing an iota of visibility.

markt half protector

It has Nano-Memory Technology which, in Spanish, means that it has been developed with a series of molecules that allow it to rebuild itself from bumps and scratches. This makes it also compatible with the 3D Touch technology of our smartphones.

Although it has not been tested with the Covid-19Knowing that viruses can be transmitted from non-porous surfaces such as smartphone screens, it never hurts to provide extra protection of this type. Furthermore, although it does not protect against the coronavirus, it is certificate Well, it has been tested against hundreds of viruses by independent companies.

This exclusive antibacterial protector from MediaMarkt It has a price of 24.99 euros, with the installation on the device

Disinfecting wipes

The perfect complement to this antibacterial protector These towels are designed to eliminate 99.9% of the microorganisms on the surface of the phone or any other device, be it a tablet, a smartwatch or a laptop.

markt media wipes

It is a small cloth with 70% alcohol that cleans any surface of electronic products, so it can be used both if you have the protective placed on the smartphone or directly on the screen.

The price of the pack of 10 towels is 5.99 euros but MediaMarkt gives them to you with your purchase during these days.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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