Program change in the first: Today Merkel speech instead of "red roses"


On current occasion: The first shows an “ARD extra” instead of the “Red Roses” telenovela this afternoon with a speech by Chancellor Angela Merkel to the European Parliament – live.

The “Red Roses” telenovela also had to struggle in the corona crisis. Since it was not possible to shoot in the meantime, old episodes of the beginnings of the ARD series were shown without further ado. But on Monday it started with new episodes of the current season.

Today, Wednesday, July 8th, the “Rote Rosen” episode is canceled due to current events: The first shows in an “ARD extra” live at 2.10 p.m. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s “Inaugural Speech to the German Council Presidency” before European Parliament.

WDR editor-in-chief Ellen Ehni moderates the show. The head of ARD Studio Brussels, Markus Preiß and Stefan Seidenbach from the German-French Institute in Ludwigsburg are to be added.

Today at 2.10 p.m. in the first one: “ARD extra” live with the inaugural speech for the German Council Presidency by Chancellor Merkel. The “Red Roses” episode 3133 is postponed to Thursday, July 9th. The following program sequence is therefore not affected.

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