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Xiaomi has a lot of its applications Available on the Play Store, a list that also grows over time. Users in Spain can download them, since many of them are compatible with non-Xiaomi phones. The brand now launches its security app, MIUI Security, in the Play Store.

If you have a Xiaomi phone, Security is an app that surely sounds familiar to you. This application it has a huge number of functions in MIUI. It is launched in the official app store so that users can install it and thus have access to faster updates on their phones.

Xiaomi launches Security on the Play Store

Xiaomi Security App

Security is an essential application within the MIUI ecosystem. This application gives us a series of functions with which to protect the phone, since it allows you to block applications, it has optimization tools, it allows you to control the use of data, it cleans unnecessary files or apps and it has functions designed for the phone to work quickly at all times.

This application is installed as standard on many Xiaomi phones, something that has been going on for a long time. The launch of it in the Play Store allows the brand to go to roll out updates faster For the users. Something of importance if we consider that it is an application designed to keep the phone protected and safe at all times. This will allow improvements to be made more quickly.

Security comes to the Play Store, although it is still in early access. This assumes that the application may have malfunctions at times and is somewhat unstable in general. Although in general terms, it seems that there are not major problems with the application on the phones. This application is free to download and is exclusive to Xiaomi phones.




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