PS5 and Xbox Series X price and date announcement: new leak

July 13: Possible PS5 price announcement date

The first to show its price would be Sony with PS5 the next July 13, which would go against what was expected because it was being said that Sony was waiting for Microsoft to announce it to determine what price to put on the console and see if they sold it even below cost. At that conference the final price of the two models would be shown, the launch date, and the date when the console reservations will be opened.

July 23 or August: the date for Xbox Series X

In the case of Microsoft, the company will hold an event on July 23. In this conference, call Xbox Game Studios Reveal, the company will show the new games that will come to its console (and also to PC), which will come out of its new studios that are focused on creating exclusives that can compete with those of PlayStation and that attract users to its console.

In the alleged calendar also appears an “Xboxing Day” in August, which would mean that it would take Microsoft a month longer than Sony to show the price and release date of its console. If Sony finally announces it on July 13, Microsoft could advance the details of its console to July 23.

The price of the previous consoles has been known since June, and they were launched in November

If we take a look at the past, the reserves of PS4 and Xbox One were opened in June 2013, just after the E3 of that year, so it would be logical that the dates for the reservations were not delayed beyond the month of August this year. In addition, thanks to this, both Microsoft and Sony know how many consoles to manufacture so that there are no demand problems in the first weeks. However, both companies know that they will easily sell all the consoles they manufacture.

Interestingly, Sony would not have prepared any event to announce the latest details of PS5, but basically they would post a blog post with all the details and links to reserve the console.

This information must be taken with tweezers, since it could change at any time, or the sources indicated by the Roberto Serrano filter could not even exist. What is logical to think is that before the end of August we will know with complete certainty the last details of both consoles. A few weeks ago, Serrano was right with the new date of the conference that Sony had prepared in which he showed his games, so he could get it right again. In little more than a week we will leave doubts.

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