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PS5 and Xbox Series X would not have new mid-generation consoles

PS5 and Xbox Series X would not have new mid-generation consoles

In 2016 and 2017, Sony and Microsoft announced PS4 Pro and Xbox One X as upgraded versions with 4K in mind, where Xbox One X was about five times more powerful than the original Xbox One, and PS4 Pro about two and a half times more powerful. The reason for the launch was clear: both PS4 and Xbox One were equivalent to mid-range computers when they were launched with the aim of keeping their prices as low as possible. That caused the consoles to fall behind fairly quickly, forcing them to launch new mid-generation models.

PS5 and Xbox Series X are very powerful, and will not need “updates”

However, this will not happen, according to former Xbox executive Albert Penello. The reason is that PS4 and Xbox One were designed with Full HD in mind, but the market changed a lot in four years, where 4K TVs began to sell more, and today they already completely dominate the market. 8K televisions will continue to drop in price in the future, but it is currently far from being mainstream for at least five years from now, since the advantages of this new resolution are not very significant unless you feel very close to the television. , besides that its price is still high.

Thus, Penello also affirms that where we are going to see improvements is in the glitter nits of televisions, in addition to refresh rates where 120 Hz are becoming more common even on mid-range televisions. However, getting a console like PS5 or Xbox Series X to achieve 4K at 120 fps and HDR It is not easy, despite the fact that both consoles will have 10 and 12 TFLOPS, respectively.

dualsense ps5 vs xbox series x controller

More FPS: The Only Enhancement To Launching New Mid-Generation Models

However, Penello says another reason why we won’t see new consoles is that it will still be several years until 20 and 24 teraflops graphics cards are affordable in a format like a console. Also, a hardware update would not imply too many improvements at the graphic level because all the games will work in 4K, where the only advantage would be to have more FPS, since probably they are not going to implement various quality adjustments as it happens in PC.

So we see that there is a big difference between the current and the next generation. PS4 and Xbox One had mid-range hardware when they came out, while PS5 and Xbox Series X are the best high-end we can find today. Its launch price will consequently be higher, but in return we’ll make sure that we won’t have to buy a new console until the next generation.

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