PS5 controller with new color leaked

Is this a black PS5 controller? An unconfirmed leak chirps through Twitter, peppered with gritty pictures that want to show a rather strange PS5 controller. Is it real Is it fake? Is it pretty ?! Decide for yourself – and no, it’s not very pretty.

PlayStation 5

Sometimes (often, always!) Reality doesn’t promise as much as we imagined in our wildest thoughts: Since the release of the first images of the white PS5 controller, the wheel of the Internet has taken its usual course and flooded it with suggestions for one black version. A Leak on Reddit now wants to show this black controller in its actual version – but nothing has been confirmed yet:

During a Fake cannot be excluded, the community suspects that it is a Dev controller acts: a Preliminary version So, the developer has been made available and still does not show the finished product. In addition to the unfinished appearance, some commentators also notice that the white buttons do not fit the black design too well. So it is to be hoped that this is neither a finished product nor a finished design.

Original message dated July 10, 11:56 a.m.

DualSense: Will the PS5 controller be bigger than its predecessor?

Thanks to a picture of the DualSense of the PS5 that appeared in the Resetera forum, we can now take a closer look at the jewel from Sony. Of course, it should be mentioned that in the age of 3D printers, adjusting such controllers is no longer magic, so the authenticity of the DualSense shown remains unconfirmed:

Allegedly, this picture was taken at the production line the PS5. The first thing you notice is the huge size of the controller compared to the hand shown. Will the DualSense be significantly larger than the predecessor of the PS4?

For players with big hands, the size of the controller should be comfortable to grip, for gamers with rather dainty hands this chunk could become exhausting in the long run.

With all the speculation, we hope that Sony will deal with the Haptics of the controller and in the end delivers a product that is suitable for all gamer hands. If you are looking for further important information about the upcoming PS5, you will find everything in our practical overview of the console.

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At the end of 2020 at the latest, we will find out whether the PS5 controller is actually as huge as this picture reveals, or whether it is just a fake. What do you say about the photo? Do you think it shows the real DualSense? And what would you think of such a big gamepad? Feel free to write us your opinions in the comments.

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