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Tilman worked for “Titles, Theses, Temperaments”, among others. In the 80s he caused a sensation when he broke into the home of a deceased author.

Publicist Tilman Jens is dead. He died last Wednesday at the age of 65 after a long serious illness, the lawyer told his family on Monday. Jens was born in Tübingen in 1954 and lived in Frankfurt am Main for many years. He worked as a journalist, television author and book author.

Together with his colleague and friend Heribert Schwan, Jens published the book “Legacy – The Cabbage Protocols” in 2014. The work on Helmut Kohl’s memoirs brought with it a long legal dispute. As a television author, he worked regularly for the ARD cultural program “Titel, Thesen Temperamente” by Hessischer Rundfunk. According to his publisher, he wrote over 100 television features, whether a portrait of the conductor Kurt Masur, a critical documentary about Christian fundamentalism or the controversial Scientology organization, which calls itself the Church and is viewed by its critics as a dangerous sect.

“Like hardly any other colleague, Tilman Jens knew how to prepare cultural-political topics in a way that was suitable for television. Combining special images with brilliant language was what distinguished him, ”said Schwan. For him, Jens was “an uncomfortable contemporary, always challenging, but with a lot of empathy. I admired its straightforward character and above all its journalistic performance and quality. ”

The publishing group Random House in Munich, which published its books, said on Monday: “We mourn this busy spirit with its alert awareness of the problems of our time.”

Jens attended the Odenwald School in South Hesse and then studied in Constance. He later wrote the book “Freiwild” about the boarding school shaken by the abuse scandal. The son of the intellectual Walter Jens and the writer Inge Jens also dealt with his famous, demented father in two of his books.

Jens caused a sensation when he researched the death of the writer Uwe Johnson in the 1980s as a staff member of a magazine. In order to get letters and diaries from the deceased, he then entered his vacant apartment. A mistake he regretted, as he later wrote: “That was a break-in. That was theft. That was criminal … I was fired, rightly so … I made a capital mistake … the biggest, regretted, but undoubtedly wrong mistake of my life. “

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