QR codes on WhatsApp Business and share catalogs: news

WhatsApp claims that 50 million users of the app communicate with the thousands of businesses that use WhatsApp Business nowadays. To make it easier to start a conversation with these businesses, now we will only have to scan a QR code with the business phone number.

Companies may use QR codes

For WhatsApp, QR codes are the digital doors that facilitate the digital approach between users and companies. However, to date it was necessary to manually add the phone number. That changes from today, since we can scan QR codes that companies place in their stores, packages or purchase receipts to add the user to our terminal.

whatsapp business news

WhatsApp introduced the possibility of share contacts using QR codes a few days ago, and now this function extends to companies because all the technical mechanism that allows this functionality to work is the same. The function from today allows companies to generate their QR codes to print them, as well as users can already scan them.

Thus, when we scan a QR code, a chat opens directly with a predetermined message chosen by the specific company. With this, the user can quickly access information such as catalogs or start the conversation to ask questions.

Catalog improvements

The catalogs They have been available since last year on WhatsApp, allowing companies to show prices, photos and information about the products they sell. For example, a chocolate shop can put the prices of their chocolates and photos of them so that the user knows what to buy when they go to the store, or even for home delivery companies. In the future, with WhatsApp Pay, they do not rule out that purchases and payments can be made directly in the app itself, although it still takes time for this to become a reality.

Currently, more than 40 million people consult the companies’ catalogs to obtain more information about the products offered by each of them. And with the new WhatsApp update, users can share now too catalogs Complete and individual articles in the form of links, being able to share them in any messaging app or wherever you want.

The option to send catalogs is now available to all users. You just have to go to the chat, give the Attachment icon, and then Catalog. Inside we can send all the items or select the products we want.

With these changes, WhatsApp affirms that it seeks that companies can get closer to users in the new world reality that we are having to face, where distance plays an important role, and in this way it can be closer to consumer.

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