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QR codes are quite useful elements, since many things can be achieved with them, such as having access to the password of a WiFi network or simply seeing the menu in a restaurant directly and on the a smartphone or tablet. If you are looking for a development that is a good option, one of the things you should not stop checking is QR scanner. We quote you everything you should know about him.

The truth is that being a job that has no cost, we expected a development that does not stand out in excess, but the truth is that it has not been like this, there are many things that attract the attention of QR Scanner. An example is that the compatibility it offers is complete Currently, since we have not found any Android device in which the application we are talking about cannot be used. And, in addition, everything does it with a really high reliability, since at no time did we get a failure when using it, even on older models with a quad-core processor.

It should be noted that the speed with which this development runs is something that caught our attention powerfully, since in a matter of few seconds (maximum of five on less powerful computers), everything you need to scan a QR code is fully available. And, this is something that part of the competition does not achieve … since sometimes it takes a long time to have everything available and there is a clear justification for this to be so once the application has been granted permissions (which should not go far beyond having access to the terminal camera, which is completely necessary).

As far as the user interface is concerned, the developer has not had any complications and this is appreciated. In the central area of ​​the screen you can see the image that is focused so as not to fail when scanning a QR code and … little more than some small icons In the upper area it has additional functions. Therefore, there is nothing that complicates the use of work and this is appreciated since to carry out the work for which it was created, it does not take much more. A good execution.

Very simple use of this application

What you need to do is the following: start the application; focus the chosen code And, once this is done, wait one second for it to be recognized and for the action in question to be executed (or for a website to be accessed, something that it does automatically in the browser that is chosen by default on the Android device). Therefore, there is nothing complicated and all types of users can use this creation without having doubts about how it is used. Also, everything is translated, which avoids any type of doubt that may arise.

It should be noted that unlike other similar jobs on the market, this includes a section called Record, which is the second icon at the top, and shows the last codes used in case you want to repeat the action that was achieved with it. This is perfect for, for example, accessing a website where there is a store to give an example.

Finally we must comment that it is possible to share the download address of this development and, furthermore, that it is possible use the flash directly from work, (icon first from the left on the top ribbon), so if you are in a place with low light the QR Scanner utility remains intact.

Get the QR Scanner app

If everything we have said fits what you are looking for for your Android terminal, you can download it for free in the Galaxy Store, so it is worth giving it a try since it is a development that has many details that they are positive. The truth is that, for usability, possibilities and being free, we believe that it is one of the options that should be installed on smartphones and phones.

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Download the QR Scanner application in the Galaxy Store

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