Qualcomm warned hours before it was officially confirmed

iPhone 12

And it is that the delay in the arrival of the iPhone 12 that the Cupertino company has to launch this 2020 was known hours before the official confirmation by Apple. He problem of having to depend on others when you are manufacturing a product So important is precisely this, eye, we do not mean that the delay in the launch of this year’s iPhone 12 is all from Qualcomm, but it is evident that it is partly to blame for what happened.

Could Apple avoid the delay with its own 5G chips?

To the question about whether or not Apple could have avoided the delay in launching the new model by manufacturing its own chips, we did not find an answer, since we are facing an exceptional situation and logically any problem in production could directly affect the final product. This year is difficult for everyone and there is no need to search / point guiltyRather, possible solutions and try to “notice the damage” as little as possible.

What is evident is that news that sometimes comes from sources close to large companies warn of news that may come hours later. Remember that before Apple itself confirmed the delay in the arrival of the iPhone 12, Qualcomm with a head of the company in charge explained that it had not been able to produce 5G chips for this year’s models and among these models without explicitly communicating it was the new iPhone model. So we will have to see the final launch date and especially if they end up presenting it or not during this month of September.

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