"Quick Charge 5": Can you fully charge smartphones in 15 minutes?

With its new charging technology, Qualcomm promises rapid charging times and less overheating. However, only a few devices can fully utilize the turbo function.

From zero to 50 in five minutes – According to Qualcomm, “Quick Charge 5” is the “fastest commercial charging technology for Android devices”. It is the first commercial quick-charging station worldwide that supports a charging power of over 100 watts for smartphones. In total, the technology should charge up to 70 percent more efficiently and four times faster than the previous generation and keep the devices cooler by up to 10 ° C.

“Quick Charge 5” is the first to be supported by Qualcom’s new Snapdragon 865 and 865 Plus. However, in order to fully utilize the fast charge, the smartphones must have a double cell battery. Otherwise, reloading takes twice as long. That means that only a few premium Android devices will fully benefit from the technology.

According to CRN, these high-end devices also include the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which is to be presented next week. Other companies are likely to follow suit and soon also introduce better charging technologies. CRN refers to a planned update of the comparable technology “SuperCharge” from Huawei.

To what extent “Quick Charge 5” affects the life of the batteries, Qualcomm does not provide any information on this.

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