Quick Charge 5: Qualcomm enables fast charging with more than 100 watts

The new technology is 70 percent more efficient than Quick Charge 4. Qualcomm promises you innovations that extend the battery life. The first devices with Quick Charge 5 will go on sale in the third quarter.

Qualcomm has announced a new generation of its Quick Charge technology. According to the company, Quick Charge 5 is the “fastest commercial charging technology for Android-Equipment”. With a charging capacity of up to 100 watts, it should be possible to bring a smartphone battery from 0 to 50 percent charge in just five minutes.

Quick Charge 5 (Image: Qualcomm)Quick Charge should not only charge batteries faster, but also more efficiently. Compared to the previous Quick Charge 4, the Qualcomm advantage is 70 percent. The charging process is up to four times shorter than with Quick Charge 4. In addition, 10 ° C less waste heat is generated.

Quick Charge 5 also supports a charging current of more than 20 volts. New safety functions are designed to protect against overcharging and overvoltage. Intelligent detection of the properties of the charging adapter is also new. Together with the Qualcomm Battery Saver function, the company not only promises more efficiency and safety, but also a longer battery life.

The progress is made possible by the new Qualcomm SMB1396 and SMB1398 charging chips. They support 1SnP and 2SnP batteries, wireless and wired charging. The efficiency of the charging process is said to be more than 98 percent.

Chargers for Quick Charge 5, according to Qualcomm, are backward compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 and newer and devices with Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm. In addition, Quick Charge 5 is said to be compatible with the USB-C protocols.

“Fast charging solutions are widely used in a variety of mobile devices. The latest generation of Quick Charge 5 not only offers superior charging capabilities, but also intelligently helps extend a device’s battery life and reduce heat dissipation, ”said Zhang Lei, Mi Phone Vice President at Xiaomi, cited in av. “Xiaomi has always been committed to proactively driving the adoption of new technologies and accelerating the achievement of improved experiences. In the future, more Xiaomi users will enjoy a fast, safe and superior charging experience made possible by Quick Charge 5. “

The first devices equipped with Quick Charge 5 are expected to go on sale in the third quarter. However, you need the Qualcomm processors Snapdragon 865 and 865 Plus. Qualcomm will also integrate the technology into upcoming premium mobile processors.

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