Radio is still the driver's favorite source of information

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Holidays on balconies or would you rather go to the Baltic Sea? The only question that remains is how most drivers find out about traffic jams – Bitkom has now found this out in a survey.

Baltic Sea, Black Forest or Lake Constance: Many holidaymakers have opted for holiday regions in Germany this summer due to the travel restrictions caused by the corona pandemic. Especially at the beginning and end of the school holidays, it can get very crowded on the streets and highways.

To avoid a traffic jam, most car and motorcycle drivers still use the radio to get information in a classic way: 91 percent hear on the traffic news whether any impairments are expected on their route. 61 percent rely on a navigation device that is still clearly ahead of apps for smartphones such as Google Maps, Apple Maps or Here, which are used by 16 percent of the drivers surveyed.

How drivers get information about traffic jams, Bitkom Research 2020

Traffic jam apps are even ahead of navigation apps: every fifth, or 20 percent, has downloaded one onto their smartphone or tablet. Just six percent check the website of automobile clubs to see if there is a traffic jam on their route. Five percent of the respondents get the information from traffic websites. Traffic jam SMS services use four percent.

Avoidance of traffic jams is of great importance to motorists and motorcyclists in Germany as a whole: 96 percent state that they generally inform themselves about the traffic situation.

These results come from a representative survey of the digital association Bitkom among 1,002 people in Germany aged 16 and over, including 793 car and motorcycle drivers, which was carried out in June 2020. The question was: “Which of the following options do you use to find out about traffic jams?”

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