Rain risk 2 due for August start after 1.0 update

The rogue-style multiplayer game Risk of Rain 2 is finally released by Early Access on Steam. The full launch of this game is scheduled for August 11th. So it won’t be long.

Risk of Rain is a classic co-op title that gives fans of the original an exciting new dimension. Every run is different, with random levels, bosses and enemies that need to be defeated. You can play alone or with up to four friends as you explore the world, discover new loot, and fight your way through hordes of monsters.

Risk of Rain 2 was originally published in Early Access on Steam in March 2019. The goal of this beta version was to build a community, create meaningful content and get feedback from the community.

In a blog post announcing the launch date, the Hopoo Games team said:

“Early Access felt like a crazy ride through unknown space, and we cannot thank you enough for supporting us over the past year and a half. We enjoyed navigating through Early Access together, and we will always be grateful for the patience and excitement our community has shown. We will get more information about the console launch from 1.0 in the future – but it should have a cadence very similar to the previous console starts. ”

So far, the ratings on Steam have been “mostly positive”, which is always good to see in an early access game.

The original plan was to release the full version in the spring, but the developers delayed the release by a few months. This happened after the community reported “some areas for improvement we could work on”.

What’s new in this latest update?

After Hopoo is satisfied with the latest updates, version 1.0 is expected to be available soon. This update contains additional content to celebrate the start day. If you’ve already tried this game, you’ll find brand new cutscenes, a final phase with a new boss, and meet a new survivor named The Captain. There will also be a number of brand new items like the Molten Perforator and Super Massive Leech.

The captain is Risk of Rain’s tenth playable character, selected in a community poll of 60,000 members. The captain has high-level authority and is armed with a shotgun rifle that can stun targets if he storms onto the battlefield. He can also use probes and beacons that offer armor and healing zones to other players.

Risk of Rain 2 also offers a brand new stage: The Moon. On the moon you compete against moon monsters and there you will also find the real boss of the game.

The 1.0 version of Risk of Rain 2 will be available on Steam at a higher price than Early Access – at $ 24.99. However, you can currently pick it up for $ 19.99 at the Early Access price.

Have you had a chance to try Risk of Rain 2 in Early Access? Or have you been waiting for the full release? Let us know your thoughts below.

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