ranking of Spain and other countries

The analysis of 5,554 data plans from 228 countries between February of this year shows us the cost of having 1GB to navigate from the mobile. The prices have been passed to dollars to make the comparison. India It ranks as the country with the cheapest mobile Internet at just $ 0.09 per 1GB. Plus, their most expensive plan costs just $ 2.75 per 1GB to navigate.

Israel It ranks second at a cost of $ 0.11 per 1GB, with its most expensive plan being $ 0.38. Third place goes to Kyrgyzstan where it will cost us $ 0.21 the possibility of browsing 1GB on the Internet. His most expensive plan is also very cheap at only $ 0.58.

Mobile Internet Price

A surprising Italy it rises with the fourth position. In this European country we will pay only $ 0.43 for 1GB on mobile. In addition, it is a data that is obtained from analyzing up to 42 mobile plans. However, here the cost of the most expensive rate does deviate from the average, costing up to $ 7.58 per giga.

And the price in Spain?

Seeing Italy in fourth position, Poland in position 18, Denmark in position 29, France in position 30, Austria in 43, Ireland in 55 or the United Kingdom in 59, one would expect to see Spain in a better position. However, we have to go down to the ranked 75th from more expensive countries to find us.

Up to 60 mobile plans have been analyzed here, with the average cost per 1GB of $ 1.81. The price of the most expensive plan leaves the giga to navigate from the mobile at $ 13.87. Despite being placed at the top of the ranking, it is surprising to see that 74 other countries surpass us in price, including quite a few European countries with which the comparison is easier.

Despite everything, we are better than some world super powers. In U.S the average cost for 1GB is $ 8 while the most expensive rate even goes as high as $ 60 for 1GB to navigate.

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