Ranking of the best car and open-air cinemas in Germany

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Especially in times of Corona, open-air and drive-in cinemas have become a welcome alternative to the dark cinema. A dating app provider put in a ranking which visitors liked the most.

They can be found everywhere in Germany: in parks or backyards, on motorways or large parking lots – open-air cinema is very popular in summer. But from city to city there are sometimes big differences in price and quality. Joyride Dating presents which cinemas are the cheapest and have received the best ratings in a ranking of over 80 open-air and drive-in cinemas.

Outdoor cinema

Visiting the cinema in the open air is completely free of charge in Berlin and Hamburg – in Bonn only the University’s Arcade Cinema is free. Otherwise, visitors pay an average of EUR 4.50 for a ticket, in Düsseldorf it is EUR 4. On the other hand, the most expensive are the open-air tickets in Munich at 12.20 euros, but also Nuremberg with an average of 11.50 euros and Bochum and Dortmund with 11 euros above the national average of 8.10 euros per person.

Nationwide, the open-air cinemas were rated four out of five stars. The guests of the open air cinemas in the Ruhr area are very satisfied: In Essen the visitors gave 4.9 stars, in Stuttgart 4.8 stars. Third place is shared by the Ruhr area cities Düsseldorf and Duisburg with Dresden and Bielefeld with an average of 4.7 stars. In the lower ranks, the open-air cinemas in Münster with an average of 2.2 stars and Bonn and Nuremberg with 2.3 stars each. Hamburg still has 3.2 stars.

Drive-in theater

In the drive-in cinema it can get more expensive: Depending on the city, prices fluctuate a lot. While a visit to the Bochum drive-in cinema is free for all guests, visitors to Bremen pay an average of 2.50 euros to enter. The price goes up well in Stuttgart with an average ticket of 7.80 euros. Nuremberg and Düsseldorf, however, go a step further: In both cities, guests have to reckon with 22 euros per car, closely followed by 20 euros in Münster. Drive-in cinemas in Wuppertal and Berlin are in the midfield, each with just under 11 euros.

In Dresden, the drive-in cinemas performed best and received five stars, closely followed by Dortmund, Duisburg and Bielefeld. In the north of Germany, however, the enthusiasm was limited: Hamburg’s drive-in cinemas only received 3 stars and Bremen, with 4.1 stars, is exactly on the national average.

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