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About 10% of the world’s population are left-handed, which means that for this sizeable segment of gamers, computer mice designed for right-handed users are inconvenient, unergonomic, or even unusable. Since most mice, and gaming mice in particular, are very deliberately tailored to the shape of a gamer’s hand, and extra buttons are added to make right-handed access easier, this can be a real problem.

Currently, only a few manufacturers make mice specifically designed for left-handers. Many see this as a niche that will not be as profitable as the target for the vast majority of right-handed users, which is why it is largely ignored. Perhaps some options from mice designed to be used in both hands are the next best option.

For MMOs, MOBAs, and other games that use many buttons, very few options are available for left-handers. Razer released a left-handed edition of its MMO Naga mouse back in 2014, but it was only produced for a limited time and has not been available for some time. If you didn’t get one while they were still available, or if yours happened to be broken or worn out, you would be out of luck.

Fortunately for left-handed MMO gamers, Razer today re-launched the Naga Left-Handed Edition Gaming Mouse with a modern redesign and some new features that make this a decent upgrade from the 2014 variant.

With 19 + 1 buttons in the mouse, there is more than enough input to manage all of your hotkeys and shortcuts for even the most complex game interfaces. Each key can be reprogrammed with user-defined inputs, and you can switch between input profiles and user-defined sensitivity settings on the fly. The Naga Left-Handed Edition uses an optical sensor with 20,000 DPI for extremely accurate mouse input. This mouse is backed by Razer’s 2 year warranty and includes access to the customer support forums.

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