RBB Media GmbH and Media Sales & Services GmbH become one

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RBB Media GmbH, which is responsible for the economic services of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), is reorganizing its structures.

RBB Media GmbH and Media Sales & Services GmbH (MSS) were previously two independent 100 percent subsidiaries of RBB. The MSS is now merged with RBB Media. Edda Kraft, Managing Director of RBB Media, described this step as “long overdue”. The two-pronged approach stems from the time before the two stations Freies Berlin and Ostdeutscher Rundfunk merged into RBB in 2003. “The resulting work processes are outdated, we are now pulling that,” says Kraft. Her colleague from MSS, Birgit Kuchenreuther, will move to RBB Media as managing director for advertising and sponsoring.

RBB Media is based in Berlin and works as a full-service provider for the broadcaster. Her business fields include, for example, the marketing of advertising times, program utilization, licenses as well as cooperation and sponsoring. The GmbH is also involved in various production companies and implements multimedia program offers with them. It operates merchandising for the RBB program brands including the associated online shops such as the original Sandmann shop. The company’s offers also include the recording service for television and radio broadcasts of the RBB (incl. SFB and ORB), Saarland radio and Arte’s German-language program.

Up until now, the MSS, as a regional marketer, was responsible for the sale of advertising time in the RBB radio programs and for sponsoring television and radio. MSS employees are now taking on these tasks on behalf of RBB Media. The merger of the two GmbHs becomes effective upon signature of the merger agreement dated June 30, 2020 and entry in the commercial register.

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