Realistic gameplay, hair, clothes and more

Required extensions / other special features:

If you’re reading this article page by page (which you probably don’t do, and that’s okay) and downloading something here and there, your previous Sims should be able to react realistically, look great, and dress wonderfully. But where do they live? In standard houses with standard furniture ?! Let’s put an end to this agonizing Sim life and your little ones the Provide an apartment they deserve: With the Packs from the famous modder Illogical Sims.

Minimalist bedroom stuff

Minimalistic, clean and mostly in black and white: You can now furnish your bedroom in a modern and stylish way with the Minimalist Bedroom Stuff Pack from modder Illogical Sims, which includes 25 new objects, 2 walls and 2 floors comes along. Here you can see the pack and it download:

Simkea Furnishings

Much white, cozy and familiar shapes: With the Simkea furniture from Illogical Sims you can furnish your entire apartment in The Sims 4, because in this pack are 45 objects included for all possible rooms – inspired by Ikea, of course. Take a look for yourself and downloads it here:

Contemporary living stuff

Do you want your room and office to match your bedroom from Minimalist Bedroom Stuff? Illogical Sims did right after the bedroom pack Contemporary living stuff published, with 20 more pieces of furniturethat are just as modern and minimalistic. Here is the one Download, with pictures:

Sleek kitchen stuff

If you are exactly one of those Want to have a kitchen as you see it above, so you have to Sleek Kitchen Stuff Pack fetch: With 20 new kitchen items (some of which you could also use in other rooms) this pack is similar in size to the others. Check it out for yourself:

Modern living stuff

Next black, White and Gray now comes one too green variant: In the Modern Living Stuff Pack you find 13 furniturewith which you your living room can dress up; everything as always in a modern, very minimalist style. Download:

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