Realme debuts 125W fast charge

Fast charging is being the theme of this week. Just yesterday OPPO presented several new technologies, including its new 125W fast charge, which was presented as well as the fastest on the market. Today it is another very popular brand in Spain that leaves us with its new fast charging technology, since it really presents UltraDart.

This is a fast charge identical to that of OPPO, because we must not forget that realme is also part of BBK Electronics. So there are many elements in common with the OPPO system. This 125W charge is the evolution of Super DART, the brand’s 65W fast charge.

Realme debuts 125W fast charge

Realme has named this 125W fast charge as UltraDart, which according to the brand we can see already on a phone in August. On paper it is a system like the one presented by OPPO yesterday, although the brand does not reveal how long it takes to fully charge the battery. We know that it goes from 0% to 33% in just 3 minutes of time.

The brand has opted for a triple charging system, all of them with an output of 10V 4.2A. This sum gives us an output of 10V 12.5A, which is what this 125W load provides in compatible devices. By using three channels, the brand ensures that this reduces the voltage and avoids the usual overheating caused by fast charging. As well as being a more efficient charge.

To prevent the temperature from becoming too high, realme has introduced a number of additional sensors (a total of 14), which will control the temperature more precisely, avoiding overheating. The brand has redesigned the batteries and has opted for a new graphite cooling and dissipation system, which will allow it to never exceed 40ºC when charging the phone.

Also, the new chargers that launch with UltraDart are backward compatible with the brand’s previous fast charge, as well as Power Delivery and Quick Charge, which is not a surprise because realme, OPPO and OnePlus fast charges are usually compatible with each other (in the same power). In August we can meet the next phone of the brand, the first to have this 125W fast charge. A phone that will have 5G connectivity, as the brand has mentioned.

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