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Reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 instead of the S20

by Tejas Dhawan

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is without a doubt one of the best Android phones today. We will not deny it, it lacks nothing. Top features and hardware, an outstanding photographic section, an excellent design … and a fairly high price not suitable for all budgets. You can take a look at our complete analysis at the following link

Hence, on many occasions we ask ourselves the following question: once a new model comes out, Is it worth buying the top-of-the-line phone from the previous generation? This time it would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 from the beginning of 2019. We already anticipated that yes, it is still very much worth it.

Three reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 instead of the Galaxy S20

Guaranteed updates

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, Google play Store

We start with something we should take more seriously, terminal updates. According to a recent study, 2 out of 5 Android terminals are at risk because of using old versions of the Google operating system. Although this is the fault of the different brands for not wanting to update many of their smartphones, users who continue to bet on these types of companies are also guilty.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been on the market for just over a year, so it is evident that it will still receive support for a couple of years and we are even sure that Android 11 will have, something that is essential when choosing a new smartphone.

Still have really top hardware

Camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Although we all love having the latest in the latest technology, with those 108 megapixel cameras and 12 GB of RAM, let’s be honest, we don’t need that much specification on a mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is still today a very competent phone with hardware to matchAnd it is that, as we have shown before, he has only been with us for a year.

You can move any application and game without problem thanks to its Exynos 9820 processor – a shame that it came in Europe without the Snapdragon 855 – and its 8 GB of RAM, so we will never have any performance problem. It will not be the most current top-of-the-range phone on the market but despite everything continues to far outperform other current devices.

Price for all pockets

Android applications on a Samsung mobile

And last and not least, the price. The new top of the range of the South Korean company, the Galaxy S20, has an approximate price of 1,000 euros. While the price of Android smartphones devalues ​​quickly over time, the Samsung Galaxy S10 can be found today for 600 euros or much less. A bargain.

Taking into account that telephones –and technology in general– come to the market with increasingly expensive prices, and bearing in mind that brands will take advantage of the arrival of 5G to put an extra cost on their products, to be able to acquire for just 600 euros a terminal as elegant, beautiful and with such good features as the Samsung Galaxy S10, It is a very difficult offer to reject.

In conclusion, buying a previous generation phone in 2020 is not a crazy idea. These are recent phones, with very little time on the market, with features that continue to be very interesting today and which, luckily, will continue to receive support and updates from the brands. So without fear, if you cannot buy a high-end phone in 2020 because the money is not enough, get one of the previous generation, you will not regret.

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