Recruiting at DB Systel: How managers have to change

In an online conference, the DB Systel top manager explained how much his company has changed in recent years and that one wants to continue on this path of transformation. It starts with the recruiting of the new employees. Here, as is the case with many other companies, it has long been found that the classic ways of looking for employees have had their day.

It is becoming more and more common for applicants to contact DB Systel and ask themselves with confidence: Do you have something for me, what options does the company offer, how can I best get involved? “Today we are dealing with a generation that has high aspirations to get involved, develop ideas and influence processes”, the DB-Systel manager points out. The talks are therefore mainly about determining “whether it fits the mindset” and what its approach is to solve problems. For this, the newcomers can work in different teams in the first few weeks to determine where they can best be used. It is important to Rüffler and his company that the applicants bring a high degree of self-organization and personal responsibility.

However, it is much more “challenging” to persuade employees who have done the same job for many years to make changes, for example to acquire completely new skills or to switch to a new team for weeks or months. Rüffler has a good example of this: in the past three years, there has been a switch from on-premise data center operation to cloud operation, which also means that working methods have changed completely and that today fewer employees are doing the job than before.