Red Dead Online is so broken, carriages fly and alligators rain

Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode hasn’t been doing very well since the last update. Depopulated landscapes, strange bugs and glitches are a funny sight after all.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Image: Twitter // @ samcosin80

With update 1.21, the error devil has crept into Red Dead Online. Players report empty cities, flying carriages and a single mysterious NPC who runs in place.

In some lobbies animals and NPCs do not spawnThat’s why there are abandoned carriages that drive around. However, if there are NPCs in a lobby, players cannot shoot them, which makes it very difficult to complete many quests. Of course, this also applies in the complete absence of animals and NPCs.

Rockstar has already confirmed work on the problems in a post but right now the strangest things are happening in Red Dead Online. The first thing the players noticed was that the IQ of their horses has always been a good ten points below the outside temperature since the update.

This horse has learned at least a few new skills (watch with sound):

This player also had a special encounter with nature. It was raining alligators from the sky. A bug or working on a Sharknado spinoff?

Horse-drawn carriages are also seldom in the air:

However, all players from The Witcher 3. A roach (in the English game Roach) on a tree:

These two settle their quarrels in a civilized way, with one Dance Off:

Most of the NPCs seem to have disappeared into some lobbies, but there is one who holds the line. Of the “Bald Man” is often the last one to walk around, but it is not that okay either:

After all, he’s becoming a celebrity:

Whatever the game is missing right now, it’s funny for the moment but not a condition for the players in the long run. In addition to the bugs and glitches, there are unfortunately reports of game crashes and login problems. Rockstar is working on a solution.

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