Red Dead Online player stylishly shows cowardly robbers who is the boss

So-called griefers are a thorn in the side of many Red Dead online players. The best way to deal with them is shown by a user in Reddit.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Picture: Rockstar Games

If you just want to hunt in peace in Red Dead Online, you sometimes have to deal with lousy predators. Many players are annoyed by the griefers, i.e. players who deliberately spoil the game and force others into the PVP fight.

Reddit user KiingKillmongerr was about to take the skin of a killed boar away with his horse when another player rides past him. KiingKillmongerr greets him kindly, only to be picked up by an explosive bullet in the next moment.

But to the surprise of the cowardly attacker, he stands again and shoots him out of the saddle with his two revolvers. After that, KiingKillmongerr sits back on his horse, but dismounts again to put his hat back on casually.

To make matters worse, the robber spawns just a few meters further, yes again KiingKillmongerr has the faster fingers and the enemy tilts off the horse. This is how a Red Dead online player deals with cowardly griefs when he aims as well as KiingKillmongerr.

He is celebrated in the Reddit post and the griefs demonized as a nuisance. But the question arises whether villains are somehow part of an online role-playing game with a Wild West setting?

If there weren’t any bad guys in the wild west, Clint Eastwood would just go out for a drink and dressed in his poncho in San Miguel For a few dollars would not a very exciting story.

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However, a game should allow any style of play and Griefers force theirs on others, despite the defensive mode that players can turn on to avoid being constantly involved in the PVP. But it doesn’t really work.

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