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Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online releases its biggest update yet, The Naturalist. As the name suggests, the update focuses on tracking exterior doors that take full advantage of the far-reaching interpretation of Red Dead Redemption 2 from the United States before 1900, and aptly introduces a brand new border tracking system: the naturalist.

Armed with their preferred rifle, players venture into the wild to search for the most powerful and rare animals in the country. The Naturalist does not offer different animal murder attacks, but two different paths that will determine a large part of the course of the new persecution.

On the one hand, players can develop their wildlife observation skills under the direction of experienced conservationist Harriet Davenport to track and examine rare specimens in the five states of Red Dead. Much of the action is about tracking and calming animals to get samples for Harriet. Helping this enthusiastic naturalist get access to new Sedative Varmint cartridges and an Animal Reviver tonic.

On the other hand, we have Gus Macmillan, a retired big-game hunter with a mustache who pays considerable sums for the elusive hides and skins. Join Gus to unlock an animal elephant rifle and upgraded bow, legendary animal clothing, and all kinds of beneficial animal gifts. Before trying to play both paths at the same time, note that Harriet is not too friendly if you play poaching on the side.

Of course, the new persecution also heralds a flock of new legendary animals that need to be followed and hunted. As the official press release explains:

“As your naturalistic activity progresses, you will encounter legendary animals – these distinctive creatures can be spotted both in Free Roam and through animal sighting assignments commissioned by Harriet. The legendary animal map helps you learn the locations of their natural habitats and then follow the information in the Tierfeldführer to locate each habitat. Ultimately, you decide whether to get samples for Harriet and earn valuable rewards or poach them, and let Gus transform their skins into sumptuous clothing for your wardrobe. Discover the world now and find legendary cougars, foxes, boars, beavers, wolves, bison and moose. In the coming weeks, more legendary animals will appear at the border. ”

The Free Roam events in The Naturalist Update allow players to jump in one of two formats: Legendary Animal Protection, in which players are tasked with defending animals from poachers, and Wild Animal Tagging, in which players join together to sedate and tag animals to ultimately discover an animal Bonus Legendary Animal.

Progress is being recorded in the pursuit of naturalists by tracking, photographing and sampling animals to expand the new Animal Field Guide, a compendium of all border fauna. As you progress, new items, skills, and gameplay are unlocked, including a brand new horse breed, special clothing and accessories, and new tonics such as weight loss, weight gain, weather change, and stealth improvement. There is also a new skill “Mercy Kills” as well as a new Wilderness Camp and an expanded camera to unlock.

The naturalist also triggers the launch of Red Dead Online’s The Outlaw Pass No. 3. He has 80 ranks, each with a selection of items, modifications, clothing and much more to unlock.

Rockstar also packs the much needed housekeeping to keep Red Dead Online going. Highlights include a greater variety of free roam events, new clothing, a wider range of daily challenges, a new weapons compartment in the warehouse in story mode, 250 corrections, balance changes, better matchmaking and team sorting for showdowns and others general improvements that fix problems such as animal spawning bugs.

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