"Red Roses": guest role for Olympic champion Kristina Vogel

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Olympic gold and a total of eleven world championship titles – the former cyclist Kristina Vogel, who has been paraplegic since an accident, receives a guest role in the ARD telenovela “Rote Rosen”.

Clara Apel plays in the ARD Daily Novela Pia Richter, the 15-year-old daughter of the leading actress Astrid Richter (Claudia Schmutzler), who is dependent on a wheelchair after an accident in her childhood. With a lot of optimism this seems completely normal to her. Only when her crush, the up-and-coming rapper Anton (Jean-Luc Caputo) says: “Wheelchair doesn’t work at all”, a world breaks down for Pia.

When Pia accidentally sees another very confident wheelchair user in the old town, they start talking. It is Kristina Vogel, two-time Olympic and track cycling world champion, who is paraplegic after a training accident and is currently stopping for a lecture in Lüneburg.

This encounter inspires Pia and strengthens her self-confidence, especially since she gives the former top athlete the idea of ​​launching a fundraiser for a wheelchair ramp. In addition, Kristina does not understand why Pia is not interested in Freddy (Marco Valero), who shows her feelings and writes off the young rapper.

The most successful cyclist ever

Kristina Vogel is the most successful cyclist of all time. In 2012 she celebrated the Olympic victory in the team sprint with her partner Miriam Welte. At the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, she made headlines as “Olympic champion without a saddle”. In the sprint competition, she lost her saddle in the decisive sprint and still won gold as the first German in Olympic history. There are also a total of eleven world championship titles.

She has been paraplegic since a training accident on the cycle track in Cottbus in June 2018 severed her spinal cord. With strong will and confidence, she worked her way back into life and with her infectious energy she became a role model for many people with similar strokes of fate.

“Red Roses” runs every Monday to Friday at 2 p.m. in the first. Kristina Vogel is expected to appear in three episodes (3,178-3,180) from September 10th.

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