Redeem steam key or credit code – how it works

A Steam Key is a product key that you can redeem on Steam to unlock and activate a game. A Steam credit code can be redeemed to increase your Steam credit, which you can then use to buy more Steam games. How you redeem both types of codes in Steam, we show you here on GIGA.

A steam key or credit code consists of letter and number combinations. Steam keys can be obtained, for example, if you have purchased a license for a steam game in other online shops such as Steam credit codes can be bought in supermarkets to top up your Steam credit and buy more games. To redeem keys and codes, you need the Steam client on the PC and an internet connection. The Steam app does not work for this.

Redeem steam key or credit code

  1. Opens the Steam client on the PC.
  2. If you have one Steam key to redeem for a game, click on “in the menu bar at the topGames“>”Activate a product on Steam …“.
  3. If you have one Steam credit code want to redeem, click on “in the menu bar at the top”Games“>”Redeem a Steam Credit Code …“.
    Picture: GIGA
    Picture: GIGA
  4. Confirms the information window with “Further“And subscription agreement window with the button”Agree“If they are displayed and you agree to the terms.
  5. Now enter your steam key or code and confirm with “Further“.
  6. Steam then adds the game to your library or the credit to your Steam account.
  7. Then you can download and install the game on Steam or use the Steam balance.
If one Steam key not working and you are sure that you have not made a mistake in the code, first look at the associated Steam help page. There it is explained which games with why you receive the message “Invalid product key”, for example. Otherwise contact Steam Support.

Keep the Steam Key even after you have redeemed it

Even after redeeming a Steam key, you should keep the game product key. It can be used later as follows:

Steam voucher codes, on the other hand, can be thrown away after redemption, provided you have confirmation that the value of the voucher has been credited to your Steam account.

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“Steam Key Generators” cheat you

“Steam Key Generators” promise to generate game keys or credit codes with a simple click in order to redeem them free of charge using the above function. These are phishing and scams:

  • Some “Steam Key Generators” require that you log in with your Steam data. This allows the fraudsters to access your Steam account.
  • Often you should first take part in a survey so that the free steam key is activated. As a result, the provider refinances his site, but there is no working key.
  • Otherwise you should download a supposedly free app. Here, too, there is no valid Steam key that can be redeemed. Rather, you fall into expensive subscription cases or use it to load malware onto your cell phone.

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