Redmi Note 9 minimum price in this Amazon offer


What a sale that we just found on Amazon. If you hurry you can buy the Redmi Note 9, one of the most and best-selling phones in recent weeks, with a great discount of 90 euros that leaves it at its minimum price. In addition, we refer to the most powerful model of the mobile, which has more RAM and storage.

The Xiaomi mid-range for 2020 has become one of the most attractive phones of the year, both in design and features. It is a phone that, in its 4 + 128 GB version, until recently cost 249 euros on the Xiaomi page, where right now we find it in promotion for 209 euros. However, Amazon sells it even -much- more cheap.

xiaomi redmi note 9 green and blue

The online store lowers the mobile to 159.99 euros, applying a discount of 90 euros on the official price of the mobile and 50 euros on the offer of the brand’s official store. In this way the Redmi Note 9 minimum price on the platform and is one of the best opportunities to get hold of the phone.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon’s Redmi Note 9

Usually these types of offers involve being a member of Amazon Prime but that is not the case. Amazon is in charge of managing the sale of a mobile that is actually sold by Smart Tech Electronic, one of the stores that usually passes through here due to its large mobile discounts. This also implies that the shipping of the phone is free and you will not find extra cases in your purchase.

The offer is applied on the green color model in its international version. There is no difference with the model that is sold in Spain because it also has the Spanish language between the system settings.

And the Redmi Note 9 3 + 64 GB?

The basic model equipped with less RAM and less storage than the version that stars in the offer Previous is also on sale. In the Xiaomi store it has gone from costing 199 to 179 euros but the same seller who operates through Amazon leaves it for 154.60 euros, that is, with a little more than 45 euros discount.

Redmi Note 9

Buy the Redmi Note 9 3 + 32 GB with discount on Amazon

On paper, it is cheaper than the 4 + 128 GB model but for a difference of just 6 euros it is much more worth taking advantage of the greater discount on the model that we have talked about in previous paragraphs, with double the storage and more memory, without a doubt.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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