Regional League West clubs want to stream football matches themselves

Image: © Maxisport -
Image: © Maxisport –

The corona crisis is also leading to a massive drop in sales for smaller regional clubs. In order to get money back into the cash register, the clubs of the Regionalliga West now want to broadcast their games themselves.

The western regional leagues fear for their existence. The contact restrictions still in force leave the grandstands empty and it is still unclear to what extent the measures will be relaxed, if at all. At least now it does not look like that anytime soon crowds will be allowed to pour into the stadiums again. So that the clubs can still stay afloat financially, they want to stream their games online themselves in the future, as reported.

So far, the follow-up of the western regional league games was limited to the irregular transmission of the top games on Sport1. In addition, all games can be streamed on, but that is not enough for the clubs. Now they want to take the helm themselves and use and market their broadcasting rights themselves. The current contract with Sport1 is still valid for the 2020/21 season. At the end of August, the clubs want to decide on a model of broadcast rights. As long as the clubs are not allowed to let any or hardly any spectators to their games, the regulatory model should apply. Some clubs have already started testing the technical parameters in their stadiums.

The contract with Sport1 gives the broadcaster the right to broadcast live – the clubs then have to forego their own stream. has offered smaller clubs with the existing infrastructure support in return for compensation for streaming.

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