The first gameplay trailer for Crysis Remastered was leaked yesterday, and fans hoped it was a fake video. Unfortunately, this was not the case and the whole thing ended in a big disappointment.

Crysis is not beautiful enough, so it will be revised.

In 2007 and 2008 the game Crysis was a pioneer in graphics, so the expectations of the fans for a remaster were correspondingly high. After the trailer was leaked yesterday, the fans were disappointed, because big differences from the previous version were hardly recognizable.

We cheer you up again.

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Developer postpones the release

The fans expected at least as good graphics as in Crysis 3, but the reality is different. The developer has to be reassured, however, that he reacts to the opinions and apparently revised the game again.

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“Your passion for the Crysis franchise deserves an undeniably high quality game and we are committed to delivering it. To make sure that we can keep our promise, we have to postpone the launch of the game on all platforms and the premiere of the trailer by a few weeks. ”

Originally, the remaster was supposed to appear on July 23, 2020, this date will probably not be met. What do you say about the released trailer? Did you expect more? Please write us your opinion in the comments.

Jasmin Peukert
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