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Waze is one of the best navigation apps that we can download in Spain, a great competitor for apps like Google Maps. It is also an app that stands out for having many functions that the Google application does not yet have, which undoubtedly makes it a very popular option among users all over the world.

Furthermore, it is an application that is frequently updated. Not too long ago Waze was renewed in a big way, debuting a new design and introducing a series of new functions in its application on Android and iOS. Now a new type of notice is introduced in the application.

New type of notice in Waze

Hereinafter, Waze will notify you when you are going to cross the train tracks. Before you get to them, the application will inform you that you are approaching them, so that you can be attentive. It is an important security measure, especially in those areas where there is no level crossing, which blocks access when a train approaches. In addition to helping the user to be more attentive when driving.

This is a feature that the app introduced a few months ago with hardly any announcement, although it wasn’t available to everyone until now. To be able to enter it in the application, the company has collaborated with governments and companies responsible for the railway in various countries, such as the United States and Mexico. In other countries, users will indicate in the app where there is a level crossing, in order to mark it on the map.

It is a measure with which Waze will help you when driving. Before having to cross the train tracks, the application will inform you that they are approaching, so that you know this and be attentive in this way. In the video that the application itself has uploaded on its social networks you can see how this new feature works in the application. In countries like Spain, it is up to the user community to mark the areas where train tracks have to be crossed. So if you use the application on Android, you can help it to improve.




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