RELEASES and news from Netflix in AUGUST 2020: series and movies

Netflix series for August 2020

Some Netflix fashion series return this August. Without going any further, they return High seas with its third season or Lucifer, series of which we can see the first part of the fifth season. Without further delay, these are the series that we are going to be able to see and the release dates of each one of them.

The Rain Season 3 – August 6

Series that tells what happens six years later A virus will annihilate almost the entire Scandinavian population. It focuses on two brothers who join a group of survivors in search of protection and answers.

Alta Mar season 3 – August 7

Two sisters discover sinister family secrets after a wave of mysterious murders on a luxury ship that sailed from Spain to Brazil in the 1940s.

Sunset: the golden mile Season 3 – August 7

This docureality recounts the adventures of the elite agents of a real estate group that sell the most luxurious houses in Los Angeles.

Lucifer season 5 (part 1) – august 21

Tired of being the lord of hell, the Devil moves to Los Angeles. There he opens a bar and meets a homicide investigator. The rest you should see.

Cleptómanas season 2 – August 25

Youth drama in which a Teen Heartbroken, she finds that she has something in common with two classmates from her new institute when they arrive at Thieves Anonymous.

Aggretsuko season 3 – August 27

Series animates with Retsuko, the red panda that leaves the skin working in a thankless and frustrating position.

Netflix movies in August 2020

These are the new films that we can see on Netflix in August 2020:

Slender Man – August 3

Movie about urban legend summoned by a group of girls who want to find their missing friend.

The Nun – August 4

Another scary movie in which a young nun travels with a priest to Romania to find the secrets of an evil spirit.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend – August 5

Kimmy He is getting married, but he must first take time to thwart the reverend’s plans.

Anelka the Misunderstood – August 5

Documentary film that narrates the legacy of the controversial French footballer Nicolas Anelka.

Work It – August 7

The brilliant, but clumsy Who is 18 years old and wants to be a dancer to enter Duke.

Project Power – August 14

An ex-soldier, a young woman and a police officer unite to search for the origin of a tablet that grants super temporal powers to the one who takes it.

Secret Origins – August 28

Film that mixes two policemen with two comic and cosplay geeks on the hunt for a murderer inspired by Superheros.

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