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© Dirk Schumann -
© Dirk Schumann –

Sports streaming provider DAZN is struggling with massive disruptions during the current live broadcast of the relegation game between 1. FC Heidenheim and Werder Bremen.

The stream fails right at the beginning. This happened to tens of thousands of streaming viewers of the Heidenheim – Bremen relegation match to kick off the encounter, who wanted to watch the game at DAZN. The sports streaming provider apparently could not cope with the rush – at least in the meantime – but tried to react quickly and gave help via Twitter.

There it was said that those affected can switch to the English browser version via the provided link or alternatively should change the device. On the registration portal “”, the complaints accumulated in 20,000 cases at times.

It should also be mentioned that the parallel transmission on Amazon Prime is also noted with a few hundred problem reports. In the meantime, the number of users has decreased, but those on Twitter and / or “” with streaming problems have largely decreased.

We can only hope that the fans of both clubs can concentrate on thumbing up their hearts club again and do not have to sacrifice one of them for the transmission quality.

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