Removed tethering restriction on unlimited Orange data

Unlimited data rates are here to stay. However, to speak of unlimited without more is perhaps saying too much. In addition to the reasonable conditions of use, all the operators have more or less additional clauses that slow us down when going over a number of gigabytes or that prevent us from sharing the data with a computer, which is known as tethering. For Orange unlimited data, this was limited to an amount every month. Luckily, Orange’s unlimited data is no longer restricted tethering.

Orange has several rates that allow you to enjoy unlimited data. In the convergent segment it offers Love Unlimited, Love Unlimited Max, Love Unlimited Premium and Love Unlimited Premium Max. If we only want mobile, the operator improved Go Up and Go Top with this possibility. All of them differ in the video quality that we can enjoy, being HD or 4K depending on the modality. Tethering is also an element that varies according to the modality, being set at 80, 40, 30 or 10 GB depending on the rate (until now).

Unlimited orange without limits in tethering

It is no longer just about Orange, but the truth is that it has become quite widespread to limit things announced as unlimited. Luckily, the operators are coming to their senses and seeing that it does not make sense to apply limits to a product that is sold as it does not. In this case, Orange set a limit for tethering of 10GB in Go Up, 40GB in Go Top, 30GB in Love unlimited and 80GB in Love Unlimited Premium.

Instant tethering

However, this is no longer the case, at least for new customers. The limits of the unlimited rates have been modified for new registrations and this is reflected on the operator’s website. In fact, the French operator itself has confirmed that this limitation no longer applies and that there are no limitations on tethering beyond the reasonable use.

With this move, Orange is equal to the rest of its rivals (Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo) in tethering. The limitations continue in streaming, with some rates limited to HD quality, while the premium ones allow 4K. This also happens in Vodafone since it imposes speeds of 2 Mbps, 10 Mbps or maximum of the line according to rate. Yoigo talks about “minimum quality DVD” in the streaming section.

Movistar Orange Vodafone Yoigo
Mobile only rate YES YES YES NO
Fiber and mobile rate YES YES YES YES
Permanence NO 12 months 12 months NO
Speed ​​limits NO NO YES (2, 10 or unlimited) NO
Streaming limits NO HD or 4K According to speed Minimum DVD Quality
Roaming 50 GB 17, 22 or 23 GB 20, 22 or 24 GB Everything
Tethering Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

What do you think about the decision taken by Orange?

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