Reolink Argus PT and E1 Pro

In summer it is important to manage the security of our home, it is a time when we go out for longer times than usual and we are either interested in preserving the integrity of our home, or rather we are concerned about what we leave behind, such as pets. I have been using Reolink products to monitor my house for years, and this time I bring you two products, Reolink ARgus PT and E1 Pro, two different models, from all-round protection to basic entry model, find out in this in-depth review, In Actualidad iPhone, as always, with the best accessories for your iPhone and iPad.

On this occasion we have accompanied the analysis of both products with a video that you can see at the top. In it you can take a look at unboxing, how they work in rigorous direct and most importantly, you will be able to see how all the cameras of Reolink are configured easily. I take this opportunity to recommend that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and thus you can continue helping the iPhone community to grow.

Reolink Argus PT

We start with the most complete of the products that we have here today, the Reolink’s Argus PT. We take this opportunity to remember that the Argus range is the one that includes 100% independent cameras, since they have connection Wifi (both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and with its own battery. This Argus PT is specially designed for exteriors and interiors, but above all for large spaces, and it is that we have a mobile system of 355º horizontally and 140º vertically, the result is that we can monitor a large room at pleasure.

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Being designed for outdoors we have protection IP64, so rain or sun shouldn’t be a problem, as well as a CMOS sensor that offers very efficient night vision up to 10 meters. We have checked the night vision and it gives the results it promises, especially thanks to its sensor FullHD 1080p.

For its part we have a motion sensor (PIR) that gives us push alerts and automatically activates the recording, creating a recording in the micro SD or Reolink Cloud if we are subscribed to the cloud system. In this way we will be able to not only access when and how we want through the Reolink application to the live image of our cameras, but we will be able to access the recordings previously made.

Finally, we have a two-way audio system, that is, we will be able to use its speakers to emit alerts and speak, as well as its two highly sensitive microphones to know exactly what is happening. Although we do not have exact details of the battery capacity, in our test we have easily found 20 days of use without permanent connection, Of course, the included solar panel and that is connected through a microUSB port helps a lot to always keep the battery to the maximum in adverse situations. Our results with the camera have been very interesting, you can also buy it from 154 euros on Amazon and on their own website at THIS LINK.

Reolink E1 Pro

We are now talking about the entry model, the cheaper of the two analyzed, the Reolink E1 Pro. This camera has an 4MP SuperHD sensor theoretically FullHD offers more clarity, but from my point of view the only thing we find is a Wide Angle in FHD. As in most Reolink cameras we have a system WiFi compatible with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, Increasingly common, we have not found range or performance problems, but we must mention that we are dealing with a device that requires a permanent connection to the power source using the included adapter.

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As for mobility we have 335 degrees horizontally and 55 degrees vertically to be able to take a broad look at an entire room depending on its location. We also have a wall adapter that will allow us to place it in more strategic places. For its part, like the rest of Reolink products, it has two-way audio, both microphone and speakers to communicate, and a night vision system which offers sufficient clarity at distances of around three meters.

Obviously we have alerts for movement, we do not have a PIR sensor but being always active we select the sensitivity range with which it will detect movement and warn us. Obviously we have a microSD slot to record movement alerts as well as we can directly access the images wherever we are thanks to its application. For its part, motion-activated recording will include the previous four seconds, so the camera is technically continuously recording and erasing the content. However, what we can do is schedule specific times for recording and alerts.

The application it is complete, as well as the configuration that is excessively simple:

  1. Connect the camera
  2. Launch the Reolink application (DOWNLOAD)
  3. Press «+» and add the device
  4. Includes the WiFi network you are going to use
  5. Scan the QR code to configure the camera
  6. And ready, you can now use the camera

A little more we can say about this camera that has a fairly simple configuration system and some basic claims, it is in accordance with its price, which part of the 59 euros on Amazon although you can also buy it directly on the official website of Reolink (LINK). It is a relatively affordable price for a product with these characteristics.

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