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Murphy’s Law says that when our mobile has just exhausted its warranty period, it breaks. This is so and just when our smartphone no longer has a service of repair free is when we need to use it. Therefore, as important as knowing how long the protection of your smartphone lasts, is knowing the repair prices of each manufacturer.

Through Samsung’s Smart Repair service you can directly request the repair your mobile. Three things can happen here:

  • The mobile is within the warranty period and the defect is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty: Free repair at no cost to the user
  • The mobile is within the warranty period but the defect is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty: You must pay for the repair
  • The mobile is out of the warranty period: You must pay for the repair

In these lines we are going to review the price that it will cost us to fix any Samsung mobile, be it the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 that has just hit the market or an old model from the nostalgic Galaxy J range. To request the repair you must select your model from this page.

Repair price of a Samsung Galaxy Note

Prices for repair a Samsung phablet They range from the 250 euros it costs to fix the Note 10+ to the 160 that the Note 10 Lite costs. The repair includes changing the screen, a battery change and the replacement of damaged components.

The new models in the Galaxy Note range are not included yet, as they have not gone on sale yet, but the repair cost should not be too different from the Galaxy Note 10 range.

Samsung Repair Prices

How much does it cost to fix a Samsung Galaxy S

Similar prices are found in the Samsung Galaxy S, being the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, for logical reasons, the smartphone that will cost us the most to repair since its price amounts to 250 euros. The least is the Samsung Galaxy S7, which can receive a second life thanks to the battery change included in the repair. The rest of the models range between a cost of between 195 and 235 euros.

Samsung Repair Prices

Repair of a Samsung Galaxy M

The mid-range Samsung models that enter the Samsung repair program are the Samsung Galaxy M31 and the Samsung Galaxy M20, whose repair cost, including replacement of the screen and battery is identical: 110 euros.

Samsung Repair Prices

Repair Samsung Galaxy A

The range Galaxy A It is the most prolific, today, of the manufacturer. That is why we find prices of all kinds when it comes to repair a mobile of the family.

The prices range from the 80 euros it costs to repair the Galaxy A10 and A20 of 2019 to the 125 euros that the newer models launched in 2020 cost. It also has the battery change that manages to give a second life to our phone.

Samsung Repair Prices

Price to fix a Samsung Galaxy J

Since we are talking about models from 2 or 3 years ago, it is logical that the price of Samsung Galaxy J repair be cheaper, as its components are cheaper. In this case we have a price range that goes from 75 euros for the Galaxy J3 and J4 + of 2017 to the 100 euros it costs to repair the Samsung Galaxy J7 of 2017.

Samsung Repair Prices

How much does it cost to repair a foldable Samsung Galaxy

Smartphones with a flexible screen can also be broken and their repair is the most expensive due precisely to the screen technology they have. For this reason, their prices range from 595 to 510 euros, counting on the change of screen and battery in all repairs.

Samsung Repair Prices

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