Report: Hackers steal 10 Tbytes of data in a ransomware attack on Canon

An anonymous source provides evidence of Canon’s systems being infected with Maze ransomware. Its backers boast of stealing data, but do not provide any evidence to support their claims. Canon itself internally confirms the failure of various systems without mentioning a cyber attack.

The backers of the Maze ransomware apparently captured around 10 TB of data in an attack on Canon. The hackers explained this when asked by Bleeping Computer. The Japanese company, however, reports the failure of several systems and warns users of its online storage service of possible data loss.

Ransomware (Image: Shutterstock / Image processing: official confirmation from Canon regarding a security incident is still pending. Similar to Garmin recently, Canon speaks at least currently of a system failure that affects, among other things, its own email servers, the US website and the Image.Canon photo service.

The latter was not available from July 30 through August 3 inclusive. In the latest status update, Canon said on Tuesday that a problem had been identified and the service needed to be disabled to resolve the issue. An investigation also found that some pictures and videos saved before June 16 may have been irrevocably lost.

From an anonymous source, Bleeping-Computer also has a screenshot of an internal notification from the Canon IT department, which indicates a failure of various systems at Canon USA. Employees stood among other things Microsoft Teams not available. The Canon USA website was also unavailable.

Another screenshot from this source is also said to show part of the ransom demand from the maze hackers. The cybercriminals claim that they have encrypted all files, documents, photos and databases and copied some of this confidential information to their own servers in advance. You also give a period of three days to contact us – after seven days at the latest, all data collected would be made public.

The hackers also gave no further details about their attack when asked by Bleeping Computer. They also did not provide any evidence of a successful break-in to Canon’s network or even the theft of files. However, the hackers said that the failure of Image.Canon was not their fault.

Maze hackers usually take action against well-known and large companies. Its victims include LG, Xerox, Cognizant and also the city of Pensacola, Florida. Canon only told Bleeping Computer that “the situation is currently being investigated”.

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