Report: Nvidia interested in taking over ARM – but Apple is not

The ARM mother Softbank is in contact with the manufacturer of graphics chips. However, the outcome of the talks is still uncertain. In particular, anti-trust concerns speak against Apple’s entry.

Softbank is looking for a buyer for his daughter POOR apparently encountered a potential prospect. As Bloomberg reports, Nvidia is now considering a takeover of the British chip maker. Apple and Samsung should not have any plans to join ARM.

Nvidia (Image: Nvidia)Nvidia is the world’s largest manufacturer of graphics chips. The company also develops processors based on the ARM architecture, including the SoCs Tegra for mobile devices and Jetson for artificial intelligence in the areas of robotics and IoT.

Negotiations are just beginning, the report says. Failure is therefore not excluded. In addition, Softbank could alternatively bring ARM to the stock exchange.

ARM is above all an important supplier for manufacturers of mobile processors. All iPhones, iPads as well as smartphones and tablets with Android are powered by ARM processors. However, ARM is limited to the development of processors, the production is done by companies like Qualcomm or MediaTek. Apple also produces its own processors based on ARM technology. The same applies to Samsung.

Other possible candidates for an acquisition of ARM would be large customers of the Cambridge-based company such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Apple and Samsung.

According to the report, Softbank is also said to have contacted Apple. Initial talks had also started, but the Cupertino company had decided not to bid on ARM. Possible regulatory problems would have contributed to this – after a takeover of ARM, Apple would still be the owner and licenser of key technologies of the competition.

Analysts in South Korea also believe that Samsung is unlikely to get involved in the negotiations on the future of ARM, partly due to the same anti-trust concerns that speak against a sale to Apple. Samsung is also focusing on developing its intellectual property itself rather than buying it through acquisitions.

It is more likely, however, to found a consortium consisting of Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung, for example, to secure a majority stake in ARM. Such a solution may also be Huawei interested – whereas the US would likely veto the current trade dispute with China.

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