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resistance test that shows its fragility

resistance test that shows its fragility


The OnePlus Nord is one of the latest OnePlus releases to try to compete in the mid-range segment. This release comes as a late and decaf version of the OnePlus 8. However, starting at 400 euros, it could have been expected to build a better quality and resistance, since the device has not passed the stress tests from the famous YouTube channel JerryRigEverything.

The OnePlus Nord has arrived boasting quality / price ratio, design, performance and photographic capabilities. However, the terminal has already passed through the hands of the JerryRigEverything channel, which tests the most popular terminals on the market for test its build quality and strength, two subjects in which the OnePlus Nord fails.

OnePlus Nord, the plastic by flag

Of all the resistance tests that we see, most of the mid-range and high-end terminals, with some exceptions, are successful. However, the OnePlus Nord enters the list of the least resistant of the year. Furthermore, we discovered that the entire frame or chassis around the device is plastic, as evidenced by scratch tests. What initially gives the feeling of metal, is discovered as a low-quality painted plastic that quickly succumbs to the punctures of the punch, which in the long run and on a day-to-day basis, can translate into doubtful durability with the passage of the weather.

oneplus folded

In screen scratch tests, the terminal behaves as expected and there are no surprises. That is, the scratches on the screen begin to be noticed at level 6 and seven. However and as we discussed, the side frames come off easily as they are plastic and not metal, as if they integrate other mid-range terminals. This is an aspect that in MovilZona we had already perceived without the need to “peel” the mobile, but that the JerryRigEverything video is in charge of confirming.

In the test that subject the OnePlus Nord display to fire, the screen appears to be corrupted and flickering, but it recovers after a few seconds. The same occurs when scratching the area of ​​the integrated fingerprint sensor on the screen, which is undamaged and continues to function correctly.

Your screen does not resist

In the last test, the folding test, the OnePlus Nord does not resist and its screen ends up breaking easily. The quality of the plastic does not offer any resistance and in addition to bending without problem, it cannot withstand the pressure to prevent the display from breaking and leaving its screen unusable. It is something that the user must take into account when opting for this device, which although it boasts various technical aspects, does not do so in the section of its construction, something that does not even appear outlined on the official website of the terminal.

Written by David Girao

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