Retro trip: Macintosh Quadra including MacOS 8.1 virtualized

Felix Rieseberg did it again. After his Scoop with Windows 95, the software developer brings an entire Macintosh Quadra including MacOS 8.1 as a free virtual machine.

The whole thing is based on the Electron app and is completely written in Javascript. In addition to the actual system 8.1, the free app also comes with numerous games. So there is a little retro feeling.

The package is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. The performance of the system is ok. The games can be played reasonably well.

Of course, the whole thing is more of an experiment than a productive solution. Back then, Felix already pointed out that the Windows 95 emulator was not an official Microsoft project. It will be the same in this case. Apple will not know about the project.

The Macintosh Quadra including MacOS 8.1 as a virtual machine and its source code can be downloaded free of charge from GitHub. Felix also gives tips on where to get more (legal) games for the system.

In this way, old software is preserved and Felix’s small projects (the former editor-in-chief of Apfeltalk) are always fun.

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