Return game (refund) – how it works

If you’d like to return a game on Steam because you don’t like it, you can request a refund. We’ll show you how this works here.

Steam Refund Policy

You can return a game under the following conditions:

  • You have the game in bought the last 14 days.
  • You have the game played less than 2 hours.
  • You have the game bought on Steam itself (not through a key shop).
  • Your in the game was not through that Valve anti-cheat system (VAC) locked out.
If it’s a game Purchased outside of Steam and only activated on Steam, you cannot refund the game on Steam either. Here we show if you can sell Steam games.

Steam: This is how you return a game

Step 1:

Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

In the Steam client click on the menu “Help“>”Steam“. Choose “Games, software, etc.” out. Do this even if Steam already shows the game you want to return.

Step 2:

Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

Put in the bottom search the name of the game you want to return. Do this even if Steam already shows the game it is about. In our example it is the game “Mad Max“.

Step 3:

Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

Under “Last purchases“You click on the entry of your game that you want to return. In our case it cost 4.99 euros.

Step 4:

Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

Above you can see payment information about the game. Click below on “I want to request a refund“.

Step 5:

Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

Choose againI want to request a refund” out.

Step 6:

Picture: GIGA
Picture: GIGA

Under “Request a refund“You set the type of repayment. In our case, PayPal or Steam credit is possible. Further down at “Tell us why“Can you give a reason. To do this, select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu. Then you confirm the refund request with the button “to submit an application“. Steam will later send you a message to your email address asking if the game has been refunded.

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