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Little by little we are learning more details about the characteristics that the following generations of the mid-range of the Korean firm will offer us. And as we have now verified, 5G will be the ubiquitous novelty in all of them, along with large batteries, just as the future will offer us. Samsung Galaxy A42.

Samsung’s A range has received many models since the adoption of its new nomenclature last year, and the mobile we are talking about would be the third generation of the Galaxy A40. Today we have known its first characteristics, and without a doubt they represent a great leap compared to its predecessors.

First features of the Samsung Galaxy A42

A few weeks ago it was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy A42 would become the Samsung’s cheapest 5G connectivity phone. Something that is logical to think if we take into account that today you can buy its predecessor in Spain for just 225 euros, so this new model should not be much more expensive.

Samsung Galaxy A42

Now it is a basic Chinese certification to be able to reach the stores that reveals the size of the battery of this new terminal of the Koreans. We are talking about 3C certification. In it you can check that it would have 4860mAh, the usual capacity shown by the mobiles that have 5000mAh capacity.

A great leap over the A41

Another of the characteristics that are speculated about this terminal is that it will have 128GB of internal storage, double what the previous generation offered. Therefore we would be facing a mobile phone with enough news to justify its purchase by those who have trusted their previous generations. Recall that the Samsung Galaxy A41 does not stand out precisely in its battery, which it only has 3500mAh. So in this aspect it will be equated with many of the mobiles of its competition in the mid-range. This is a phone that has been presented for three months alone, so the launch of this new A42 should not be immediate, but the passage through this certification makes us doubt about it.

galaxy a41 colors

A phone that has a processor MediaTek Helium P65, as well as a triple camera. One of the most interesting aspects of this terminal is that its screen is AMOLED and it has a integrated fingerprint reader on the screen, which is very interesting for a mobile in this price range. It is evident that if the 5G and a 5000mAh battery We would be facing one of the most interesting mid-range on the market.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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