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For a few years, wearables have been at home and more and more users are demanding this type of product. Teams that, in addition to a bionic touch to our wrist, need to make the jump “to the other side”. We refer to the world of high-end watches, where premium brands have made watchmaking an art and wearing a watch on their wrist, the exhibition of authentic jewelery.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus heart rate sensor

These luxury brands have been flirting with technology for years, but it has not been until recent years when one of them has formalized the technical marriage by presenting models that unite the two worlds, the technological and that of high-end watchmaking. The idea is clear, to capture that large group of wearable users, who have a high purchasing power and who, either by image, passion or status, like to wear a high-end watch on their wrist with the latest advances in technological matter. That’s where the product that we’ve tested the Montblanc Summit 2+ with Orange eSIM.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus charging base

From the hand of Orange

Montblanc has been making wearables for years and now returns for its privileges with the Montblanc Summit 2+ with Wear OS by Google, second evolution of what the German firm understands by a luxury wearable. A product that reaches the market from the hand of Orange, since with respect to the previous model, it provides vital voice and data connectivity through eSIM, which greatly increases its use, since we can use it without the mobile when we go out to doing sports, but keeping all the connectivity of the smartphone in the wearable, including the voice. In short, luxury, independence, data and voice connection in one device.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus voice eSIM call

The team will be in stores from August 3 on all the operator’s channels and Montblanc stores. The colors to commercialize are Steel Black Calf, Black DLC Black Rubber Sport -the one of the test- and Bronze Colored Steel Khaki Calf. There is a pink version, Gold- Steel Cream colors sartorial that will only be sold by Montblanc in its stores.

Prices are as follows.

.- Montblanc Summit 2+: from € 39 / month (24 months) when purchasing the device with one of Orange’s unlimited data offers.

.- MultiSIM option, SIM phone + eSIM in the Montblanc Summit 2+

What is Montblanc?

For the most technological it is convenient to say that Montblanc It is one of the most important high writing firms in the world. It began its wanderings in 1909 at the hands of three lovers of writing and today its white star, a symbol of the firm, is stamped, not only on all types of writing accessories and jewelry for men and women, but also in collections. watches, mostly classic cut, that are admired all over the planet for their precision, value and beauty. Of their pens and pens we can say little, they have been and are the banner of the firm. There is no executive or lover of writing who boasts that he has not used one of his products.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus strap

As for watches, it began its journey in 1997 with its establishment as a manufacturer in Switzerland, the world’s top watchmaking zone, with the launch of the Meisterstück, its first watch entirely made by hand. Since then until today, the firm has only grown in this regard, in fact, the second evolution of its wearable is a demonstration of this.

This is the Montblanc Summit 2+

It would be unfair to deny that we are not used in the world of technology to see a product with packaging and a presentation as careful as this. The firm knows what it does and opening it is quite an experience compared to what we are used to. In fact, Montblanc has wrapped the Summit 2+ with the same accessories as any of the brand’s products, to the point that it is aesthetically inspired by its Montblanc collection 1858. Zaim Kamal, the chief designer of the firm and who we could talk to at the presentation told us about the effort and how clearly the firm had that this model was a continuation of the aforementioned collection, that is, no design frills or risks, the firm is clear that its designs and collections are a success and follow its aesthetic recipe perfectly.

Returning to packaging, once we open it, in addition to the watch, which we will now talk about, we find the charging cradle and USB Type-C cable They come, how could it be otherwise, decorated with the white star, the quintessential symbol of the firm and as we say, a clear differentiating element and a key factor for the buyer of this type of product who wants to get away from the ordinary.

Luxury is always special

When you hold it, it is clear that it is something special. The box is made of steel, with the speaker openwork on one of the sides and the buttons have an invoice not seen in the world of wearables, let’s say, of great consumption. There stands out the central crown, the logo is a button itself, and the teeth that can not offer better handling to move around Wear OS. In addition, very, very important if we are going to play sports, we have a slightly curved sapphire crystal, which is why it is given the greatest resistance in the matter, something key to shocks and other impacts that we may have doing sports. For the most advanced, comment that it is a 2mm glass. with 0.45 bump (degree of curvature of the crystal of the case) and for the least connoisseurs to say that the sapphire is the summun as resistance in the matter and piece of series in any high-end watch worth its salt.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus information

If we turn it over there we do find all the string of sensors that we need so that the watch measures our heart rate when playing sports. The bracelet, like the clasp, are a separate topic. To us personally, the closure seemed like a past. Firm, very easy to adjust, with the name of the firm, with a very precise opening button, all in addition with a very successful chrome, as we say a very differentiating element and that justifies the price of a product like this. The strap also has a simple and effective change system, something that is already requested almost in any watch, but more in a wearable. Strap that can be chosen in up to eleven different models.

A little bit of data

The watch informs us of our sports experiences through a 43.5mm dial (14.57 mm. Thick), where a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen (418 418 pixels) does the digital functions within a DLC steel case with IPx8 resistance (waterproof: 5 ATM (50 m)). Internally, a Snapdragon SDW3100 processor is the true heart of the system, which is powered by a 440 mAh battery. We also have 1 GB of RAM and 8 of ROM.

Quality music

The ROM is a detail that we can not miss because we can store enough music, ideal for many users on trips and especially when doing sports. During the test we connected it to a state-of-the-art JBL Club One to check how we can enjoy the best quality music … without the need for a smartphone.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus speed meter

If we continue with the data we find a strap is 22 mm. And as we have mentioned, the box has a built-in speaker for call management. Connectivity falls on Bluetooth 4.2 LE, WIFI 802.11 in its b / g / n versions, GPS, NFC – great for payments by contact -, 3G and LTE. All of the above does not exempt you from having a speedometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, GPS, heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and ambient light sensor.

How Orange’s eSIM works

Without a doubt, eSIM, that is, the connection and therefore the possibility of speaking through the Montblanc Summit 2+ via the Orange network, it is the one that brings a great novelty to this model. The installation of the eSIM is somewhat simple. In our case, it was enough to scan a Bidi code provided by the operator, immediately the mobile opened the network settings in the case of Google Pixel 4L or the watch app in the case of a Galaxy Note 10 Plus. We download the Wear OS application and it will work. As simple as that.

Wear OS, Android in “wear” mode and for athletes

Nothing can be said that has not already been said about Wear OS. To be honest, we have and have written rivers of ink from the operating system with which the people of Mountain View bring wearables from around the world to life. Having said this, in the case at hand and taking into account the speaker it has, the use we can make of OK Google, to be able to ask in our own voice things to the clock.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus Google Maps

Another of the uses that we love are the on-screen maps, without a doubt something very useful when you are doing sports by bicycle or running, since they are keys to follow that route by which to do sport. We ignore all the calendar review, news and other Android features we are used to.

Customization for watch lovers

The theme of personalization the firm has drawn from its history and wisdom in that of designing spheres and we can say that we have a large list, in addition to being able to download more from the Net as in any OS. Of course, the ones that come as standard have a high level of personalization, since you can not only change the background color, up to 10, but the firm has included different variants of each one in terms of indicators and hands (handles or hour numbers for the least understood).

Montblanc Summit 2 plus dial customization

Also, if the dial is a stopwatch, we can edit those little dials – called complications in the watchmaking world – and put sporty items there. That is, we can have a chronograph dial in the purest Montblanc style and in one of the small dials have our heart rate or any other information on the wearable.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus complications

WhatsApp butt, less calls

It is the messaging of our time and we are very afraid that it will continue to be for many years, hence a wearable without WhastApp… it’s just nothing. In this model, as is normal, we can receive and manage notifications even with the attached photos, something that undoubtedly comes from the cinema on many occasions. In addition, we have the notifications and warnings of the app when the screen is off.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus Whatsapp photo message

We can reply with prefixed texts or even enable a small keyboard on the screen of Montblanc Summit 2+ to write what we consider. Of course, we have tried and tried calls via WhatsApp but the wearable elegantly told us to use the smartphone for it. You can’t have everything in this life !! There we leave the order to the people of Montblanc for the next editions.

But if we want we can call

Obviously eSIM is one of the advantages that it brings and how could it be otherwise we have tried it. The good thing is that we can have a conversation from the wearable, yes, in hands-free thanks to the speaker, which is ideal when we are doing sports or riding a bicycle for example. As we mentioned before, the step is that we can leave the smartphone at home and use the wearable as a total communication tool.

Of course, it is worth knowing that autonomy suffers in this way. Since we are talking about the battery, saying that without doing anything more than looking at the time we can go to four full days of autonomy, yes, if we use all the potential, we must have one day of autonomy. It is the price that must be paid to enjoy all the advantages of wearable.

Timeshifter, friend of the Jetlag

It is one of the star applications of the product. Basically it is an aid for people who make long distances by plane and who have to confront the dreaded Jet Lag. Timeshifter It analyzes the jet lag, considering the sleep pattern, flight plan and so on, and gives us advice to better adapt to the new city in which we have just landed. Just enter the application that we have to download to the smartphone, indicate the flight plan and so on, and the watch already takes care of everything.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus app

It must be said that unlike similar products offered by the competition, it is a designer program by two renowned medical experts, Steven W. Lockle and Smith L. Johnston and is based on the latest advances in sleep and neuroscience research. cardiac.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus travel app

During the test, we tested the app and it’s amazing. It tells you details such as when to drink caffeine, when to sleep, reports on melatoline issues … in short, a fairly advanced assistant. In fact, it is key to make a good set up, since it asks us for enough personal data regarding our behavior, far beyond the flight number and its callsign, with which he already traces the route. Undoubtedly, in those endless waiting times in airports and long-distance flights, in addition to everything we do, it will entertain us for a while while we adjust all the parameters.

Travel Info, very practical

It is another of the apps that the firm has exclusively integrated. It is a comprehensive country guide where you can consult thousands of details of it, always key when traveling. You can select the country manually or tell it to use the GPS for it. Thanks to her, for example, we learn how to say hello in Hungary or how impolite it is to tell them that their wine is not the best in the world. Perhaps more useful is knowing the rates of the taxis or how the country in which we are dealing with tips is interpreted.

Stress Manager, ideal in today’s times

In these times what to say about something that warns us that we are accumulating a lot of stress. That is another of the exclusive benefits that the Montblanc Summit 2 Plus incorporates. The best thing is that it not only indicates a supposed level of stress, but also gives us health tips based on scientific information. Perhaps one of the firm’s points is that its apps and others, such as the Workout Coach that we will see now, are supported by specialists in the field, something that not all apps offer.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus stress control

During the test we tried to put that stress level to the maximum, but it must be that we do the job well, since he told us that we were at acceptable levels and there was no way to “get him out of his box”. It is normal in this time when some of us work comfortably at home and where the most complex thing of the day is to try a wearable of this caliber.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus stress calculation

Workout Coach, an advanced running manager

Although we have everything that Google Fit offers us, the firm has included an app specially designed for runners, undoubtedly one of the fashionable activities. It’s about Workout Coach. As we have commented, we like the point of being supported by some entity or specialist that supports the information it offers us. In this case Firstbeat, provider physiological metrics for sport and wellness is the company that endorses the information. It is an app within the Montblanc Summit 2 Plus that analyzes your condition at all times, reporting with the most accurate graphics, based on your VO2max.

Montblanc Summit 2 plus sports app

This is a value that is expressed in milliliters of oxygen per kilogram of body and minute (ml / kg / min) and is a key measure for any self-respecting athlete. Although we each have a VO2max, it is proven that if we work to raise it up to 15%, the maximum that most humans can, we offer much more resistance to effort in a race. The summary that we can do is that it is an app that allows us to know what we do, run and others, but it helps us to reach the maximum of our personal benefits in a more controlled and professional way than most of apps of this type.

Blessed luxury

After spending a week with the Montblanc Summit 2+ with the Orange eSIM we can say that it is the most exquisite product that has passed through our hands. It exudes luxury and is finished like no other product. At a technical level it is clear that Wear OS is a brutal wearable system, which Montblanc has provided with unique and exclusive features. In short, a compendium that will make you happy if you are looking for a classy, ​​high-end watch that has the latest in the latest technology. It is not a cheap product, it costs more than double that of the more advanced models of the generalist brands, but it is worth it and above all it does not cost the ridicule of other luxury watches that in exchange for five or six times more price only give the time . And those of us who love technology don’t like that at all.

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