Review of the realme X50 5G, a smartphone that borders on perfection

We continue with the landing of realme devices in the Spanish market, now the turn of a representative of the mid / high range. The new realme X50 5G comes with a proposal that directly aims to aspire to be one of the highlights within its range.

For this, it has taken the realme X50 Pro 5G as a reference and has transferred it to a cheaper range. This does not mean, on paper, that it is a less interesting smartphone or that it offers significant cuts compared to the original. Where will the new realme be located?

Realme X50 5G features

Realme X50 5G features

If we review the specifications of the new realme X50 5G, we will see that it puts on the table weighty arguments to highlight. Although as we know, theory is one thing and practice another, something that we will see in the next analysis.

  • Body
    • Dimensions: 163.8 x 75.8 x 8.9 mm
    • Weight: 202 grams
    • Colors:
  • screen
    • Type: IPS
    • Size: 6.57 inches | 20: 9
    • Resolution: 2400 x 1080
    • Refresh frequency: 120 Hz
  • Main features
    • Processor: QualcommSnapdragon 765G 5G
      • 1 x 2.4 Ghz @ Kryo 475 Prime
      • 1 x 2.2 Ghz @ Kryo 475 Gold
      • 6 x 1.8 Ghz @ Kryo 475 Silver
    • GPU: Adreno 620
    • Operating system: realme UI 1.0 based on Android 10
  • Memory
    • ROM: 128GB UFS 2.1
    • RAM: 6 GB LPDDR4x
    • Micro SD: Not
  • Cameras
    • Rear:
      • Principal: 48 Mpx f / 1.8 PDAF
      • Ultra wide angle: 8 Mpx f / 2.3
      • Macro: 2 Mpx f / 2.4
      • Black and white: 2 Mpx f / 2.4
    • Lead:
      • Principal: 16 Mpx f / 2.0
      • Ultra wide angle: 2 Mpx f / 2.2
  • Connectivity
    • WiFi 802.11 ac
    • Bluetooth 5.1
    • NFC
    • USB 2.0 Type C
  • Sensors
    • Side fingerprint reader
    • Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and compass
  • Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 5
  • Battery
    • 4200 mAh Li-Po
    • Fast charge: 30W dart

Besides the presence of 5G connectivityThanks to the new Snapdragon 765G, the new realme X50 5G stands out for many other virtues. Starting with her 120Hz screen, following its ample storage of 128GB and his wide photographic proposal.

Without forgetting one of the realme jewels, such as 30W Dart ultra fast charge. A hallmark of the brand, which serves to differentiate itself from its rivals. So, for the moment, the candidacy of the new realme is supported by solid arguments.

Nature-inspired design

Speaking of solidity, it is the first sensation that the new realme X50 5G transmits to us when holding it in our hands. Something they contribute to the 202 grams of weight, mainly due to use of glass on the body Of the device. An aspect that provides quality, but also a certain fragility compared to other materials.

Without forgetting that the use of glass in the rear panel, usually has a consequence mainly, the footprints stick like bees to honey. So we will have to regularly clean the device and protect it with the protective case that comes next to the smartphone.

Nature-inspired design

Another detail that is usually a house brand in realme devices is attention to detail in the finishes, especially in the exterior design. Something that we can observe in the reflections, inspired by nature, which appear when the light hits the device.

Speaking of the rear panel, the main protagonist is the camera and all its sensors. Which protrudes a few millimeters from the profile of the phone, although it is not particularly bothersome when leaving the device resting on a flat surface.

The fingerprint reader is integrated into the power button

If we go on to analyze the aluminum edge of the new realme X50 5G, we find the power button on the right. In which fingerprint reader is integrated, which is very natural to use when holding the smartphone. Although this forces to hold the phone in the same way whenever we want to unlock it.

In the lower area is where the other elements are concentrated, such as the USB Type-C port, the SIM card tray and the single speaker that we have available. And no, do not look for the headphone jack, since the new realme X50 5G does not have it. One of the small tolls of these ranges.

Volume knobs have good travel and quality feel

Now we only have on the left the set of buttons for the volume, which as we are really used to convey a quality touch. Something that we can extend to the entire phone, being the icing on the cake the good ergonomics that we notice when using it In day to day.

In this section the new realme X50 5G maintains the level to which the brand has accustomed us, quality, attention to detail and solidity. Perhaps its weight may be a bit excessive for some, but considering the whole set, it is something that we will forget about after a few minutes of using it.

120 Hz a delicious experience

We arrived at one of the main assets of the new realme X50 5G, its 6.57 inch screen and 20: 9 aspect ratio with a 2400 x 1080 resolution. Although where it especially shines and stands out above its rivals, it is due to the presence of a high refresh rate.

Usually in smartphones this frequency is at 60Hz, which is 60 images in a second. We have already seen other devices with a frequency of 90Hz, however the new realme X50 5G raises the ante and puts 120Hz on the table.

120 Hz a delicious experience

A feature that we can configure within the phone settings, being able to select between automatic, 60Hz fixed or 120Hz fixed. For the analysis we have used the 120Hz mode at all times and the sensations could not have been more positive.

The experience of using the device increases many integers, thanks to the fluidity we enjoy at all times. Whether opening applications or moving through the interface, smoothness is present at all times. It is also something that we will also notice in the most playful aspect. But we will deal with that later.

120 hertz makes the interface move very smoothly

Sticking strictly to the screen, leaving aside the excellence of 120Hz, the screen of the new realme X50 5G has more arguments in its favor. Especially the representation of colors, fully customizable and can choose between P3 mode for more vivid colors, or sRGB mode for colors more true to life.

Without forgetting the sharpness that the new realme X50 5G puts before our eyes, something that we notice when reading texts especially. So we can say that this new realme continues to target ways, for the moment, within its range and differentiating itself with its direct rivals.

Snapdragon 765G, performance and 5G connectivity

We continue with one of the aspects that give name to the new realme X50 5G, the presence of the new Snapdragon 765G which brings the 5G connectivity beyond premium smartphones. A processor that offers great performance and benefits from other components in its performance.

Since under the housing of the new realme we have 6GB of RAM and 128GB ROM memory. That complete a really balanced set, especially if we think long term, an important aspect if we take into account the disbursement that we are going to make.

Snapdragon 765G, performance and 5G connectivity

If we add the 120Hz screen to all of the above, the experience using the new realme X50 5G is on another level. What sets it apart from its direct rivals. Running the applications and moving around them without any lag or waiting time, thanks to its 6GB of RAM.

In the most playful aspect, the new realme X50 5G has faced our battery of games and has met on a good note. Both in demanding games such as Shadowgun Legends, Honkai Impact 3rd or Asphalt 9, where fluidity is the protagonist. And also in simpler games like NBA Live 2020 or Railways.

The new realme X50 5G has more than solvent performance, including long-term

Obviously the 120Hz screen does quite a bit in that fluid feel, though don’t take full advantage of some games. Since we are dealing with a smartphone belonging to the medium / high range and reaching that rate of frames per second playing is reserved for the upper echelons.

Logically here we find the main difference from the Pro version of the new realme X50 5GBut it does so while maintaining a compromise between performance, connectivity and energy efficiency. Since the new Snapdragon 765G is a bet on insurance, especially if we think long term.

Dart, ultra fast charge for reference

We arrive at one of the realme banners, the ultra-fast charge that provides us with sufficient autonomy in a few minutes. Specifically we find in the new realme X50 5G the 30w Dart version, which allows us to have more than 60% battery life in less than 30 minutes. Reaching 100% in less than 1 hour of charge.

Making intensive use of the new realme X50 5G, having the screen at 120Hz fixed, we have obtained about 7 hours of screen. If we relax the demands a little and use the automatic mode on the screen, the 4200 mAh is stretched in a very solvent way.

Dart, ultra fast charge for reference

If we put everything in perspective, we know that there are devices that have more milliamps in their battery, but the set that we find in the new realme X50 5G is very balanced. Especially relevant is the presence of ultra fast charging 30W.

In this respect, it has been able to give its devices a differentiating element, since ultra-fast charging offers something that direct rivals can only dream of. And in the new realme this is no exception, putting a problem on the table. Than if you try it you won’t want anything else.

Stereo sound as main absence

We now reach another of the multimedia sections of the new realme X50 5G, the one dedicated to sound. In which we must highlight the absence of the headphone jack, something common in devices of this range and the also have no stereo sound.

The latter would have been the cherry on top of the great recipe that forms the new realme, but we will have to settle for a single speaker. Which doesn’t mean it’s a negative thing, obviously a stereo sound is always better, but the sound offered by the new realme is of great quality even at high volume levels.

Stereo sound as main absence

We also have technology Dolby Atmos and compatibility with high resolution audio, so quality standards are set high. A level that is maintained if we refer to its connectivity, since the new realme X50 5G has everything you need.

Starting with wireless connectivity, with the WiFi 802.11 ac and the bluetooth in version 5.1 as standard bearers. Without forgetting the possibility of making payments with the mobile thanks to the presence of NFC. An aspect in which some of its direct rivals are not at the same level.

The new realme X50 5G does not have a headphone jack, being its main absence

As for physical connections, we only have the USB Type-C port for loading or transferring data. Being the “great absence” the headphone jack, but as we have already discussed above is common in devices of this range.

So overall, the stereo sound would have been perfect, the new realme X50 5G has everything we can hope for on a smartphone in its range. The presence of 5G connection unchecks it of many of its rivals, something that in the long term is an advantage.

realme UI 1.0 based on Android 10

We come to one of the sections in which realme is making an effort to evolve, we refer to software. And in the new realme X50 5G we find the interface realme UI 1.0 which is based on Android 10, reason why we are before the last available version of the system.

A system that after a few minutes using it, you can see the difference from the previous interface used by realme smartphones. Since realme UI 1.0 is closer to the experience of using clean Android, but vitaminized with a dose of customization, which is not too intrusive.

realme UI 1.0 based on Android 10

Obviously we are facing the first version of this interface and over time it will evolve. But it already points ways in these first versions, standing out especially for the fluidity when using it on a daily basis, something that is increased thanks to the 120Hz screen.

If we put the focus on the included applications, most that come included can be uninstalled without any problem. AND we did not find a duplication of applications, something that we can find in other layers of software. So we can say that in this aspect he is really doing his homework.

realme UI 1.0 is at a really interesting point

Today the new realme X50 5G has Android 10, updated to the latest available security patch. So the only question we have left is to see the behavior in terms of system updates, although seeing the latest movements of the brand with Android 11, there should be no problem.

Until now the new realme has been passing stage after stage of our analysis successfully and in the software section we can say that has left us good feelings. Logically the following steps of the brand, especially in updates, that will position realme.

Versatile and quality photography

Another bet on the new realme X50 5G is the photographic section, in which we find a wide variety of sensors for our enjoyment and enjoyment. Highlighting the 48 megapixel main sensor, which is the one that has the best performance in capturing images.

Versatile and quality photography

Accompanied by a 8 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor and the two 2-megapixel sensors as a support for macro mode or portrait mode. In addition to the hardware, in the new realme we find camera software that offers wide possibilities.

From the usual photography or video modesgoing through a improved night mode or the previously mentioned portrait mode. Along with the option to take pictures using the 48 megapixel mode of the main sensor. Without forgetting the professional mode, for those who want to adjust the captures in detail.

The camera application is very complete

So far the theory, now it remains to see the performance of the new realme X50 5G when taking photographs. And as usual, the sensor that gives the best results is the main sensor 48-megapixel camera, bringing detailed images to the table even in low-light conditions.

Again the sensor dedicated to ultra wide angle is one step behind of the main sensor, but at least in the new realme the photographs that we obtain maintain an acceptable level of quality. Something that many of his direct rivals cannot say.

Photo gallery with the realme X50 5G

If we want to squeeze a little more this photographic section, it is recommended to use professional mode or use an external app like Lightroom. The latter will allow us to take photographs in RAW mode, so we will have absolute control over the processing of the resulting photographs. So the new realme X50 5G continues to offer a high level in this section.

realme X50 5G, great potential in its range

And so far the analysis of the new realme X50 5G has come, a smartphone in which the brand has put all the essence of the Pro version, in a mid / high range device. In which we find aspects that differentiate it from many of its direct rivals.

Starting with the presence of the 5G connection, thanks to Snapdragon 765G, the 120Hz screen or the spectacular ultra fast charge 30W dart. All of them are characteristics that the competition does not surpass and in many cases it cannot even match.

realme X50 5G, great potential in its range

Logically it is not a perfect smartphone, there are few that are, but in reality they have known how to make the necessary adjustments without going over the top. Offering the experience similar to the Pro version, within a range in which there are great devices to rival.

If we get really, really fine, stereo sound or a headphone jack would have been features that should be present. Or a telephoto sensor in the photographic section for example. Although this does not detract, far from it, all the merits of the new realme X50 5G.