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After a few weeks of use, we reviewed the realme Band, the smart bracelet that promises to make things difficult for the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Weeks ago realme officially presented the new realme band, the first smart bracelet from the Chinese firm that landed with the idea of ​​making things difficult for the Xiaomi Mi Band and that we have tested in Andro4all for a long time. A bracelet that did not come alone, as the company also announced the new realme Buds Air Neo wireless headphones and the realme Watch.

Devices that join the wide catalog of realme products, a company that since its arrival in Spain last year it has only grown and launch terminals. To complete the ecosystem of the Chinese firm, a smart bracelet could not be missing, which we have had the opportunity to test for a long time to bring our full analysis, where we describe both its characteristics and specifications, and the experience of use.

realme band main screen

The home screen of the realme band.

The realme band landed on the market with his reduced price per flag. A smart bracelet to do a lot of sports, with a different and light design compared to the same Xiaomi product, which it intends to dethrone even for the price. Below you can read our opinion and experience of the new realme Band.

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To deploy

Realme Band: Specifications and Features Data Sheet

realme band
Dimensions 19.6 x 11.9 x 240 mm.
20 grams of weight
screen 0.96-inch OLED with integrated button
80 x 160 pixel resolution
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer
Heart rate reader
Vibration motor
Battery 90 mAh
Others IP68 certification
Compatibility Android 5.0+
Starting price 24.99 euros

The best of the realme Band

A lightweight design

realme band on the wrist

The realme band placed on a doll.

Undoubtedly, the design, despite not being a revolution in that aspect, is one of the most positive points of the realme Band that, unlike Xiaomi with the models of its Mi Band series, stands out for a rectangular design with a slightly curved 0.96-inch full-color display based on OLED technology. Also has a touch button designed to perform various actions when interacting with the interface and with a strap that can be removed on both sides.

A strap that is currently available in three colors: black (the version we have analyzed), army green and yellow. In the same way, the realme Band is a really light smart bracelet and partly due to its strap, which is not as rigid as in other products of this style. With a weight of 20 gramswhen it comes to putting the realme band on your wrist you feel that it is really light, even sometimes it seems that it is as if you were wearing nothing, as Ned Flanders would say.

On the other hand, the bracelet is waterproof thanks to its IP689 certification. Another aspect to highlight regarding its design is the inclusion of integrated USB charger at one end of the “core” of the bracelet, which allows it to be charged without the need for cables.

Good autonomy and various modes

realme band with Hulk

A Hulk hand holding the realme band.

Another of the strengths of the realme Band, and as it happens in the rest of smart bracelets, is their autonomy. The battery holds perfectly about a week, so you don’t have to be carrying it all the time. However, and as we have previously mentioned, the most curious thing in this regard is in the way the realme Band is charged, since a special cable or charger is not needed.

The bracelet itself has a USB port that is hidden on one side and is visible after removing the strap. Thanks to this, the smart bracelet of the firm can be charged by means of a mobile charger, a power bank or the USB connector of a computer.

But the favorable points do not remain there, since the realme Band is also focused on the world of sport and monitoring physical activity. Therefore, among others it includes heart rate reader, three-axis accelerometer and sleep monitor. In that sense, realme also includes an intelligent sport detection system capable of identifying up to nine different modes of activity, including running, yoga and cricket.

A complete app and other functions

The realme bracelet also offers the possibility of display the notifications received to the associated smartphone of applications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, among others. The user himself decides what notifications will appear on the bracelet through the Realme Link application that the company has developed to complement its first wearable. An app that is really important when using the realme smart bracelet and that offers a wide variety of functions.

For example, realme Link, which in terms of use works really well, allows both to link the bracelet to the mobile phone and to configure it, in addition to being necessary to modify some series of settings, such as the sports that appear in the menu or the alarms. An app that becomes very necessary for modify parameters also taking into account that the screen of the realme Band is not touch and it depends on a touch button to navigate the menu.

On the other hand, the bracelet has a wide variety of functions focused on the world of sports, such as the recording of sleep quality or exercise monitoring, among others. But it also has another series of really interesting features that can be accessed from the app, such as the option of set an alarm (which makes the bracelet vibrate at the set time) or a timer.

The least good thing about the realme Band

Some screen details

The realme band in its way of measuring the pulse

The realme band in its heart rate mode.

The realme Band has a number of aspects of its screen that could be improved. The first of them is the bright, which can be configured through the application for mobile devices. However, maximum brightness is insufficient especially outdoors and in times of high sun, which complicates its perfect display and forces the user to use their hand to cover the sun or seek a shadow to see the time, for example.

On the other hand, it is missing that the screen is touch, since the way of navigating with the button becomes somewhat uncomfortable and tedious. In the same way, there are currently only a very limited number of spheres available, so the customization is not as wide as in the Xiaomi Mi Band, for example, where you can choose from a wide variety of spheres, both official and third-party (although other apps are required for the latter). If the company had improved these aspects we would have an almost round product.

Andro4all’s opinion

realme band screen off

The realme band with the screen off.

The realme Band is a smart bracelet with good value for moneyAs it offers a nice and light design, good autonomy, various sport modes and more features at a price of 24.99 euros. Even today you can find offers for this device, which makes it a really attractive product for those looking for a basic bracelet with which to monitor their sports activity.

However, to the device of realme he still has a little more to go in order to remove the throne from the Xiaomi Mi Band. The maximum brightness is not ideal (especially outdoors where it is more difficult to see the screen) and it is lacking than the panel be touch and that there are more customization options, something that is available on the bracelets of the other well-known Chinese brand. After weeks of use, we can say that the realme Band is a tough rival to the Xiaomi Mi Band.

Price and where to buy the realme Band

Run mode of the realme band

This is the way to run of the realme band.

The realme Band can be purchased in Spain and can be obtained both in the company’s official store and in stores such as Amazon at a price of 24.99 euros and even with offers that lower the final price somewhat.

Andro4all realme Band, opinion and note
Should i buy the realme Band?
In favor
  • A nice and light design.
  • An autonomy for a week.
  • A wide variety of modes and their price.
  • The maximum brightness is not enough outdoors.
  • A touch screen is missing.
  • Few spheres available.
Conclusions The realme Band is a smart bracelet with good value for money, as it offers a nice and light design, good autonomy, various sport modes and more features at a price of 24.99 euros.

7.8realme band

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