Rick and Morty becomes anime for a free episode

The popular “Adult Swim” series Rick and Morty becomes anime for one episode. We reveal where you can watch the animated trip.

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Rick and Morty also meet in the anime.

That would be Rick and Morty as a Japanese anime

A new “Rick and Morty” special episode delights, but at the same time confuses long-established fans – because the action is, very typical of anime, very wild. Without spoiling what happens to you, we can tell you so much: it’s crazy. To stop a genocide, Morty flies alone to Tokyo, where he meets Rick, of course. What exactly happens then is difficult to put into words.

The plot has it everything that Rick and Morty combines with the genre Anime: Dramatic struggles, unpredictable twists and turns and emotional scenes – only very few fans actually understand what is going on, how comments sound.

You can watch the 8-minute episode here for free:

The director of the special episode is none other than Takashi Sano, known among other things for his work on the Anime Tower of God.

To what extent the special episode in the Canon by Rick and Morty is unclear. But that shouldn’t play a big role in the series’ multiverse anyway.

The series became an integral part of pop culture in just a few years. Rick and Morty has even been immortalized in games like Mass Effect – Andromeda.

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Do you understand the plot of the episode or are you just enjoying the visual impressions without knowing exactly what’s going on? Please write us your opinion and interpretations in the comments!

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