RTL cinema summer starts this weekend


The cinema summer has some free TV premieres such as “Flatliners” ready, but also cult films. At the start there is James Bond among others.

RTL promises numerous cinema highlights with top castings such as “Bridget Jones’ Baby” for the next five weekends. Other free TV premieres include “Pacific Rim: Uprising”, “Baby Driver” and “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”.

An overview of the cinema summer program

“Central Intelligence – Two Buddies Against the CIA” on July 12th at 8:15 pm

Calvin Joyner is unhappy with his life: if he was predicted to have a great career at high school 20 years ago, he now leads a normal life as an accountant. There is also a crisis in his marriage to his teenage love Maggie. When he is contacted by his former comrade Bob, Calvin’s life changes suddenly. Without wanting to, the two become targets of the CIA and must unmask a real villain.

“James Bond 007 – License to Kill” on July 12th at 10:10 p.m.
The much sought-after drug dealer Sanchez can escape after his arrest. He takes revenge on Felix, who arrested him and is the partner of Agent James Bond. But he has made himself a dangerous enemy who will no longer rest until the criminal is behind bars. Even if he has to stand against his employer – the British secret service. But what is an agent 007 without the license to kill?

“Bridget Jones’ Baby” on July 19 at 8:15 p.m.
Since her relationship with Mark Darcy broke, Bridget Jones has devoted herself entirely to her work as a TV producer. At last she seems to have her life under control – until her Jack Qwant runs into her and the two end up in bed. A little later she meets her ex Mark and also has sex with him. When Bridget learns that she is pregnant, she has no idea who is the father of either. A fight for the increasingly round Bridget begins.

“Girls Trip” on July 19 at 10:35 p.m.
Ryan, Sasha, Lisa and Dina are best friends. They used to be real party queens, but it was years ago because of the job, children and relationship stress that the clique made the clubs unsafe together. When the Essence Festival is coming up in New Orleans, the four women take advantage of the opportunity for a long overdue party trip. Between flirts, drinks and violent arguments, they recognize what really matters in life.

“Overdrive” – Free TV premiere on July 26th at 8:15 pm
The brothers Andrew and Garrett Forster finance their lives by stealing expensive luxury bodies from wealthy clients. Their latest coup leads them to Marseille, where they are supposed to steal a 1937 Bugatti for the Mafia boss Jacomo Morier. When the two are caught implementing the gangster boss forces the brothers to make a diabolical deal: Andrew and Garrett are supposed to steal the 1962 Ferrari from Morier’s arch enemy Max Klemp …

“Baby Driver” – Free TV premiere on July 26th. at 22 o clock
The young getaway car driver Baby has a special talent: When he plugs in the headphones and turns on his playlist, he is absolutely unbeatable behind the wheel. He therefore takes over the logistics for gangster boss Doc when it comes to carrying out the next raid. That changes as a baby, the waitress Debora meets and wants to get out of the business. He should do one last job, but everything goes wrong …

“Passengers” on August 2nd at 8:15 pm
In order to repopulate a planet, thousands of people are sent on a galactic journey by spaceship. Due to a malfunction, however, Jim is awakened from the artificial deep sleep too early and tries to cope with the loneliness on the ship. After a year of complete isolation, he makes a fatal decision and takes the pretty passenger Aurora out of hypersleep.

“Flatliners” – Free TV premiere on August 2nd at 10:20 pm
Five medical students want to get to the bottom of the secret of whether there really is an afterlife. To do this, they embark on a dangerous experiment: they briefly stop their heartbeat in order to experience a near-death experience. But their attempts are becoming more and more threatening and the students soon learn that the game with a view of the afterlife has consequences. They will never let go of their insights …

“The most beautiful girl in the world” – Free TV premiere on August 9th at 8:15 pm
Cyril is suffering from his big nose. He only feels comfortable with rap battles, where he hides his face behind a mask. On the class trip, he meets the new classmate Roxy and immediately falls in love with her. But the 17-year-old raves about his friend Rick. When Ripper Benno also keeps an eye on the pretty girl, Cyril starts a crazy coupling action to protect Roxy from Benno’s wrong game …

“96 Hours – Taken” on August 9th at 10.10pm
When the daughter of retired secret agent Bryan Mills falls victim to a kidnapping in Paris, he embarks on a deadly mission in which everyone involved is cleared out of the way. Relentlessly and with unprecedented consequence, he declares war on girl dealers who want to auction off 17-year-old Kim in a secret auction.

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